Event Fulfillment Guidelines

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Have an upcoming event and need your inventory to arrive at the venue on a specific date? This article will go over Event Fulfillment Guidelines for the Phoenix Sending Fulfillment Center to ensure that you receive your items on time! For more information, click here!

Before submitting an Event Fulfillment send, please read the information below. If you're ready to submit the send, check out this article.

What is an Event Fulfillment Send?

Event Fulfillment is a Send of product intended for use at some kind of scheduled event, conference, or gathering. They also sometimes tend to be sent to the event venue or to the person organizing the event. These types of Sends need special attention from our Support Team and our Sending Fulfillment Centers due to their time-sensitive nature.

What isn’t Event Fulfillment?

Orders that do not qualify for Event Fulfillment status are Sends going to specific individual recipients. These types of orders will not be prioritized in the same way Event Fulfillment Sends are prioritized in our Sending Fulfillment Centers. However, if you have a Send that needs special attention, feel free to reach out to our Support Team for guidance.

Overview of Event Fulfillment Sending:

Once you initiate an Event Fulfillment Send, please reach out to our Support team! Simply click the orange Sendoso S on the bottom-right corner of this page to get in touch.

Our Support Team will alert our SFC to let them know that the Send requires special attention. 

To ensure a smooth shipping and delivery process, please review this information when preparing to place an order for an event:

  • Our Sending Fulfillment Centers have longer processing times for these larger Sends. 
    • Orders must be placed 10 business days before the need-by date 
    • Event Fulfillment orders are for US domestic delivery only
    • Sends not meeting the above timeframe will not be processed for event shipment
  • We recommend choosing overnight or two-day shipping for these orders to compensate for any possible delays in processing or carrier timeframes

Once you’ve placed the Event Fulfillment Send, please contact Support to notify them of the nature of the order. Our Support team will ensure the Sending Fulfillment Center prioritizes these Sends.

Considerations for admin + manager users:

Inventory Storage Guidelines

The Sending Fulfilment Center will accept a variety of items, but they must be self-contained within a container with the required SKU and Ship Notice information. 

Items the SFC can accommodate:

  • Table cloths* 
  • Banners
  • Unused swag/items from the original send
  • Pop-ups
  • Totes
  • Tents 
  • Booths
  • Decorations
  • Handouts/Documents
  • Signage

Items the SFC cannot accommodate:

  • AV equipment
  • Large pop-ups/tents that are not self-contained
  • Large tables and/or platforms
  • Any other loose items not self-contained 

*SFC is unable to launder or clean any item

For returns and storage, please see Process for Event Returns/Storage

Ready to submit the send? Check out this article!

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