Creating Print on Demand Notecards

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This is a quick guide to how to set up a Print on Demand notecard to include in your sends from our Phoenix Sending Fulfillment Center location.

If you're looking for information about custom notecards, click here.

You can create multiple notecards with different designs and messaging to meet your needs. Once they are set up, you will be able to send them with all of your physical bundles. 

Step 1 - Create a new product & select "Printed Notecards"

Head over to your Inventory page and then select Create New Products 

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Then select Print on Demand:


You'll be given two options - create a Print on Demand notecard or Custom Printing. 

  • Print on Demand enables you to print a custom document at the time of send. 
  • Custom Printing offers more flexibility with multiple sizes and finishing options. This will send you to our Send Curation team to source the printing for you and have them shipped out to one of our Sending Fulfillment Centers. 


Step 2 - Choose the size and card specifications


If you select Use Sendoso, you'll be able to customize your card (see below.) If you choose Upload PDF, you can upload the file once the product is created.

Good to know: If you choose to upload a PDF, you will not be able to add a custom note at the time of the Send. The PDF is an insert and the Use Sendoso option allows for more personalization upon Send. 

Tip - We suggest providing as much detail as possible in the name section so that it's easy for you to remember what it is. Otherwise, you could end up in a situation where you're trying to figure out what the difference between White Paper A & White Paper B are :) 

Step 3 - Customizing the notecard


You can customize your notecard in a couple of different ways:

1. Text - This text will show up on every single notecard, you can use this for footers or any additional notes that you need to be included with every note card.

2. Custom Text - This is the part where your reps can add custom text to include at the time of the send. You can leave this blank so your end users can fill this in.

3. Image - We recommend including a graphic on the notecard, the most common of which would be to include your company logo. 

4. Rich Text Editor - This is a more advanced text box that will enable you to fix the text and add variable fields, colors for text, and additional text features.
*Variable fields are only supported for manual sends, not triggered sends. 


Last Step - Preview your notecard to make sure you approve of how it looks. To start sending, update any new/existing bundles with this newly printed notecard so that you can start sending them right away!

Need to edit the notecard? You can always make changes in the Inventory Tab.


Q: What size should my image be if it's not a PDF that I'm uploading?
A: The size should be 360 x 504 px (pixels).

Q: Can my Print on Demand notecards be printed from the UK Sending Fulfillment Center or any other Sending Fulfillment Center?
A: Unfortunately, no. POD notecards are only printed from our Phoenix Sending Fulfillment Center.

Q: Can I create a Print on Demand notecard to be used as an Event Label on my Event Order?
A: Yes! Follow the instructions outlined above to first create your product, then follow the instructions outlined here to set up it on your Campaign.

Q: Can I have something printed on both sides of my notecard?
A: Yes, using the "Use Sendoso" option, make your edits on the front side of your notecard, then click on the "Flip to Back" option and add another image and/or text.

Q: How much is it to send a Print on Demand notecard?

A: It will cost $5.00 to print and send.

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