Event Fulfillment Sending

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Sendoso is bringing the event fulfillment flow in-app, which you can find on your campaigns page. 

This will solve a few problems for you: 

  • Creating BYO Box campaigns for every event send? No need anymore, we'll create one campaign that you can use for all of your events. 
  • Having to communicate with our support team/CSM team to set up the timeline for the send? Choose the dates here instead. 
  • Need a return label? Just check the box. 


Please review the Event Fulfillment Guidelines article before submitting an Event Fulfillment send!

How does it work?

You'll first navigate to the campaigns page and click "Create Event Send." 

Next, enter the delivery details: 

Note: this will follow our required timeline for event sending, so the range must fall in our SLA. 

Then choose the products and quantities you'd like to send out: 

Click "Create Event" and view a summary of your send! 


What's the processing time required(SLA) for an event send? 10 days.

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