SLAs and Expected Processing Times

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Send fulfillment SLAs refer to the time it takes for orders to be processed by our Phoenix Sending Fulfillment Centers. This includes the time between when an order is submitted and when it is picked up by a carrier for shipping. Fulfillment includes picking the items in the order and packing the Send to get ready for carrier pick up.

These SLAs do not include the time it takes for a Send to be delivered as that depends on the type of shipping selected during the Campaign creation process. 

Send fulfillment SLAs depend on the type of Send, the number of items in the Send, and whether the Send is for an event. If, after reviewing these SLAs, you believe your Send is out of SLA, please contact our Support Team.

For campaign service projects, please contact your campaign curator if you believe it is out of SLA.

SLAs are subject to change based on volume and other factors.

Event Sending Fulfillment

Event Fulfillment is a Send of product intended for use at a scheduled event, conference, or gathering. They also sometimes tend to be sent to the event venue or the person organizing the event. Due to their time-sensitive nature, these types of Sends need special attention from our Support Team and our Sending Fulfillment Centers.  

SLA: 10 business days

It's important to note that this SLA reflects Sends with existing inventory housed in the SFC.

Additional Resources:

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Bulk Inventoried Sends

Bulk Sends are non-event Sends that have 15+ items included. The SFC team will need extra time to pick and pack these Sends, which is why they take a bit longer to fulfill. 

15 - 300 units SLA: 5 business days

300+ units SLA: 7 business days

Inventoried Sends

Inventoried Sends are orders that our Sending Fulfillment Centers will pack and ship. These Sends consist of items that are in your inventory.

Standard Send SLA: 2 to 3 business days

Please note that this does not include Sends with notecards, Amazon Sends and Sends with special instructions.

Sends with Notecards/Special Instructions SLA: 4 business days

Amazon Sends SLA: 2 business days after Amazon order arrival to SFC

Additional Resources:

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We now have an even faster SLA option: 1-Day-SLA available exclusively to current customers, please contact your Account Manager about pricing to upgrade to this expedited SLA.

Inventory Receiving

When you send your inventory to one of our SFCs, it will take some time for your items to be unpacked, stored, and entered into the system. To ensure a quick turnaround time, it's very important to include a Ship Notice in your shipments to the SFC.

SLA with Ship Notice: 3-5 business days

SLA without Ship Notice: up to 3 weeks

Additional Resources:

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Direct Sends

Direct Sends are orders fulfilled by our select vendors from our Marketplace. Each vendor sets their own SLA, which you can find on their product's page in the Marketplace. 

Screen Shot 2023-10-18 at 10.23.07 AM.png

SLA: Depends on the individual vendor.

Additional Resources:

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Special Projects (Campaign Services)

If you're working with our Campaign Services team, they will have provided a timeline for when your project will be completed. Generally speaking, these projects will take up to 2 weeks to complete.

SLA: 14 days

Additional Resources:

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