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With the Sendoso integration with Outreach you can send physical gifts and eGifts within Outreach. 


1. Send eGifts from Sendoso Chrome Extension or from your Outreach Email
After installing the integration, use Sendoso to send eGifts immediately - directly from your Outreach email

2. Use Filters to Manage the Sendoso Activity You See
Sendoso will post events directly into your Outreach activity feed so you can track the status of your gift without ever leaving Outreach

3. Trigger Off Package Delivery
After your package is delivered, use Outreach triggers to add your prospect to a follow-up sequence

4. Manage the Sendoso Application in Outreach
In the Outreach Org settings, admins can now manage your company's use of the integration by selecting which Sendoso events you choose to feed into Outreach

Setup Guide

To get started, make sure you're logged in. If not, login to Sendoso here. Please ensure you are logged into your individual Sendoso account to utilize it within your email. 

Next, ensure your Admin has enabled Sendoso in Outreach. Click on Settings.


Then Click Org, then Integrations, and scroll down to Sendoso. Click Learn More.


Click Install.


Confirm Install.


If this didn't occur for you, check to see if you are receiving this message in red that says "Error: Click settings to complete setup" If you are seeing this, then click on "External App Settings" to finish the setup. 


In Org tab, it should now say Installed.


Next, under the menu icon in the top-right corner, select Integrations or click here to go directly to the Integration page.


Next, click on the Outreach integration option:


Next, Click on Install Outreach.io App (via Chrome), you can click here to install it.  


Next, Install the Sendoso app (via Chrome), you can click here to install it. 



Next, log in to Outreach or refresh the tab/window to see the Sendoso button. Note - if it doesn't appear on a Prospect record then you'll need to close your browser and re-open it.


Help Guide

You can click on the Sendoso button to choose an option to send.


E-Gift send from Prospects View, you can send an e-gift link directly into your emails via Prospects page.





Activity Tracking, you can drill into Activity to filter Sendoso activities and the status of your sends. This will show you when a physical send has been delivered or when an e-gift has been opened and redeemed. Please note: only sending activity initiated in Outreach will be visible in Outreach. Any sending activity initiated outside of Outreach, via sendoso.com for example, will not be visible on the prospect's activity feed in Outreach.


Sendoso Events can Trigger Sequences (click here for full article)

You can also create a new Trigger to Trigger a Sequence off of a Sendoso event. Choose from any physical or eGift status event like "eGift Sent" or "Gift Delivered" and when that status changes in Outreach, it can trigger the prospect into the desired sequence.


Bonus: If you set up the Salesforce integration then when you send out of Outreach it will log Activities and tag to Salesforce Campaigns automatically!

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