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You can leverage the power of Salesforce to update Outreach with any Sendoso activity, regardless of whether it originated from Outreach. In order to do this, you’ll need to ensure that your active campaigns already have SFDC campaigns tied to them

Once you’ve verified that your active campaigns are tied to Salesforce campaigns, you’ll need to push the campaign member statuses to the Contact or Lead object. The steps are below. 

Step 1: Create a new SFDC field on the Contact or Lead object.

In Salesforce, go to Setup > Objects and Fields > Object Manager > Choose Contact/Lead > Fields and Relationships > New

For Data Type, select Picklist and hit Next. Give the field a name that will be easy to recognize, e.g. “Sendoso Delivery Status”

For the Values, select the second option labeled “Enter values, with each separated by a new line”. Add the desired values*, e.g:



Confirming Address








Hit Next.
*You can choose to add or omit any campaign member statuses you wish. Add the delivery statuses that will be relevant to what you need to see in Outreach.

On the next screen, select the profiles to which you want to grant edit access to this field via field-level security. The field will be hidden from all profiles if you do not add it to field-level security. Click Next.

Add the field to any desired page layouts and click Save.

Step 2: Create a flow in SFDC to push campaign member statuses to the new field you created. 

Start by going to Setup > Process Automation > Flows > New Flow

On the next screen, select Record Triggered Flow and then click Create.

For the Object type, type Campaign Member into the text field and select it once it displays.

Under “Configure Trigger”, select to Trigger the Flow when a Record is updated.

Under Set Entry Conditions, Set the Condition Requirements to “Any Condition is Met (OR)”, and begin adding the same Campaign Member Statuses you added to your Contact/Lead field. 

Do this by selecting “Status” as your field, using “Equals” as your Operator, and then select the statuses from the Value drop down.

To finish up your trigger, under “When to Run the Flow for Updated Records”, select “Every time a record is updated and meets the condition requirements”, and then Optimize the Flow for “Actions and Related Records”. Click Done.

Next, it’s time to configure the action that will update your contact record field. From the Flow Builder screen, click on the plus sign to add your action. 

From the Add Element screen, select “Update Related Records”.

After giving this action a label, make sure to select “Update records related to the campaign member that triggered the flow” from the picklist, and choose the Contact as the related record from the drop down.

Next, find your new field under “Set Field Values for the Contact Records”. 

To retrieve the Campaign Member status as the Value, first click into the drop down under Value and under “Global Variables”, select Campaign Member, and then find “Status”. Your final screen should look like the below:

Click Done.

Now you can Save your Flow, Test and Activate it when ready.

Step 3: Create a corresponding field on the Prospect object in Outreach and sync it unidirectionally from CRM > Outreach

Start by going into Administration > Records > Prospects. You’ll see the heading Custom Fields. Type in a name for your field, e.g. “Sendoso Delivery Status”. 

Next, navigate to the CRM tab from the left hand sidebar. You should see the Contact object in the list of synced objects. Click into it and under field mapping, click on Add mapping

At the bottom of the field list, you’ll be able to select the Salesforce field you created, and map it to the new Outreach field. Check the box to the left of the Outreach column to sync unidirectionally from Salesforce to Outreach. Hit Save.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully synced Sendoso delivery statuses into Outreach. The Prospect record will now display the latest delivery status

Now you can use this field to create Triggers and incorporate the statuses into your Sequences and Templates. 

For example, create a Trigger that enters a Prospect into a Sequence when their gift is marked as “Delivered” via your custom field. 

Incorporate delivery statuses into email templates for easy, relevant follow-up messages. 

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