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  • Since Outreach is a Sales Engagement Platform, your team can ideally accomplish nearly all of their daily sales tasks without ever needing to leave the platform.
  • This includes being notified that a Sendoso gift (whether physical or electronic) has been delivered to a recipient, as Outreach can trigger off of these events to create tasks for reps or even add recipients to follow up sequences.


Set Up Process

  • After properly toggling on the Sendoso integration inside of Outreach, all gift statuses from Sendoso will now show up as activities on the prospect record and event types for triggers.


  • Just like any other Outreach Trigger, an Admin will want to navigate to the Triggers section, then enter in criteria similar to the following.




  • While the above example includes the conditions that a prospect must be in a specific sequence when the gift is delivered, an Admin can click the “all” option under “Prospect Conditions,” which will flip it to “any” and allow them to have the trigger fire when a prospect is in one of several sequences.
  • Additionally, the example shows the action as adding the recipient to a new sequence that has tasks for following up to said delivery. If you would rather that your sender simply follow up to the recipient with an email or phone call, the Outreach Admin can decide to trigger an urgent task and include notes about what to do with the task.



Going the extra mile with automation

  • If your team is using the Outreach meeting scheduler to book appointments, that is also a triggerable action, and we can use some automation to include Sendoso in a thank you email for booking.
  • One would simply need to set up the trigger with conditions similar to this:


A few things to note

  • The condition for the prospect here is “Finished Sequence” because booking a meeting pulls the prospect out of the sequence, under the default ruleset.
    • Like the other trigger example, you can switch “all” to “any” and let the trigger fire based on one of many sequences.
  • Under the “Trigger Actions” section, the example shows that we’re adding the prospect to another sequence with two steps.
    • Using Outreach Variables, an Admin can configure this email to still be personalized, even though it’s being sent out automatically.
    • Admin can include a Dynamic eGift Link from Sendoso to include a gift to the Prospect for booking said meeting.
    • The first step is an automated email from the rep that thanks the prospect for booking a time with them, which is set to be sent 20 minutes after the prospect is added to the sequence.
    • The second step is a Generic Task set for a week later that instructs the rep to take further action based on whether or not the prospect attended the meeting.


These are just a few examples of the synergy between Outreach and Sendoso, so feel free to get creative and find what works best for your team and their workflows.

Happy sending!

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