Understanding the 1 Day Fulfillment Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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This article will help you understand the key components of the 1-day SLA, including order processing timelines, exceptional orders, receiving processing, and customer support. 1 Day Fulfillment Services is a premium add-on service offer by Sendoso that affords customers expedited processing speed from our Phoenix fulfillment center.

This service is not included in Sendoso contracts by default but can be purchased at any time. If you'd like to get pricing and learn more about adding this service to your agreement with Sendoso, please contact your Account Manager or contact renewals@sendoso.com

Key Components of the SLA

Order Processing

Standard Processing Timeline: Sendoso commits to processing orders within 1 business day. Orders placed after 12:00 PM Pacific Time are considered placed on the next business day.

Exceptional Orders: Some orders may take longer to process due to their nature or specific requirements. Exceptional orders include:

  • Bulk orders and event orders with greater than 15 items
  • Special Services or Customization, including Handwritten notes
  • In instances where additional customer follow-up is sought, including address confirmation and validation
  • An order that does not meet our international shipping requirements available at https://sendoso.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/360005550151-Warehouse-Capabilities
  • Orders fulfilled via our integration with Amazon
  • An order that cannot be filled due to insufficient inventory
  • Any changes to orders after the order is placed in the system
  • An order that is suspended due to issues with, but not limited to, inventory missing, inaccurate packing instructions, failed integrations

Excused Delays

Delays caused by certain factors are not counted against the SLA commitments. These include:

  • Network or internet connectivity issues originating from the customer
  • Third-party carrier issues
  • Scheduled system maintenance
  • Force Majeure Events (e.g., natural disasters, wars, strikes)
  • Any other causes beyond Sendoso’s reasonable control

Receiving Processing

Sendoso will make received inventory available for sending on the platform within 1 business day of receipt. This timeline does not apply if inventory is received without proper documentation(Ship Notice). Please review this article for more information.

Customer Support

Availability: Customer support is available from 2:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time on weekdays.

Response Time: Sendoso aims to respond to all support requests as promptly as possible, with follow-up based on the severity of the issue.

Click here for more information about contacting Customer Support.


1. What happens if my order is not processed within the Standard Processing Timeline?

If an order is not processed within the Standard Processing Timeline and the delay is not due to an Excused Delay, Sendoso will work to resolve the issue through mutually beneficial solutions, which may include overnight shipping.

2. Are all orders eligible for the Standard Processing Timeline?

No, some orders are classified as Exceptional Orders and may require longer processing times. These include bulk orders, orders with special services, and orders requiring additional follow-up.

3. How can I ensure my inventory is processed promptly when received by Sendoso?

To ensure prompt processing, make sure your inventory is shipped with an accurate Ship Notice and complies with Sendoso’s receiving guidelines.

4. What should I do if I believe Sendoso has not met the SLA Target?

If you believe Sendoso has not met the SLA Target, you can request a review by providing written notice to Customer Support. If Sendoso’s review confirms the SLA Target was not met, you may be eligible for service-level credits.

5. How can I contact customer support?

Customer support can be accessed via the Sendoso support portal at Sendoso Zendesk or through the support chat available on the Sendoso platform. Read more here.

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