How do I ship items to Sendoso's Sending Fulfillment Center?

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After you’ve added products to your account, you’ll now need to send those items to one of our Sending Fulfillment Centers (SFCs.) Once the SFC receives your items, they will add them to your Inventory on Sendoso and you’ll be one step closer to setting up your Inventoried Campaigns.

Whenever you want to send something to one of the Sendoso SFCs, you will need to create a Ship Notice. Our SFCs receive hundreds of packages a day, so having a unique ship notice number on your shipping label is crucial for the timely receiving of your items.

Before we walk you through how to create a Ship Notice, please keep these points in mind:

  • Be sure to take the relevant Sendoso University Courses on this process
  • Be sure to first add your products to your account
  • You have to have Admin or Manager permissions to complete this process. For more information about Roles and Permissions, click here
  • You will need a unique ship notice for every shipment you send to our SFC. You may use the same Ship Notice for multiple boxes in a shipment, but be sure to put the Ship Notice on each box
  • Be sure to package your items according to these requirements
  • Check out the FAQs at the bottom of this article for additional information

Process of creating a Ship Notice

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Packaging Requirements for Shipments to the SFC

Please keep these things in mind when packing your items:

1. All packages coming to the Sendoso Sending Fulfillment Center must have a corresponding Ship Notice on the Sendoso app. 

2. Cartons must only contain 1 SKU. If multiple items are being sent to the Sending Fulfillment Center, unique items must be in their own box

  • i.e. if a Ship Notice is created containing 50 pens and 50 water bottles, the pens should be placed in a box and the water bottles should be placed in a separate box. Both boxes will need to have the Ship Notice attached to them.

3. Cartons must sufficiently protect contents.

4. Cartons may not exceed 50 lbs unless one single shippable unit exceeds 50 lbs itself. Cartons containing a single item over 50 lbs must be clearly labeled "Heavy Weight" on the top and sides.

5. The only acceptable perishables are shelf-stable, non-produce items that are individually wrapped (cookies, brownies, candy packs).

  • Sendoso is not liable for products melting in storage or transit. Fresh produce (i.e fruit bags) or frozen items will be destroyed immediately. Products that expire must include the expiration date on the master carton and on the individual units. 
  • Expiration dates must be displayed in the format MM-DD-YYYY or MM-YYYY. 

6. One shippable unit that is made up of multiple loose items (a 6-pack of Red Bulls or 3-pack of golf balls in a case) must be clearly marked with “Ship 6-pack as 1 unit” on the packaging. 

7. If sending in apparel items, the item description must clearly state the style (V-neck, crew neck, etc), color, and gender, if applicable.

8. On the Ship Notice, each color, size, and style must be listed separately

  • i.e. a Small Black Women’s T-shirt and a Medium Black Women’s T-shirt should be listed separately on the same Ship Notice.

Carton Labeling:

Required: Each carton must arrive with a shipping label and Ship Notice either printed on it or affixed to it, in a location and condition that is easily visible and scannable.

Required: Each shipping label must clearly display the following information:

  • Ship Notice Number
  • To: Sendoso
  • Address of the Warehouse: (100 N 61st Avenue. Phoenix, AZ 85043)
  • From: (Your Company’s Name)
  • Carton # (#__________ of total #__________)
  • Quantity (number of units contained within carton)


  • Our receiving SLA is 3-5 days, but please note that shipments sent without ship notices could take upwards of 3 weeks to get inventoried.

  • If you do not see the item listed that you want to send us please contact the Sendoso Support team here.

  • If you need to contact the SFC for any reason, please reach out to the Support Team for assistance.

  • No. The only SFC able to store alcohol is the Beverage-US SFC in California USA.

  • In the event that any form of alcohol is shipped to one of our SFCs where we are not able to inventory or send them, these items will be destroyed.

  • If you forgot to include a Ship Notice or need to edit one for any reason, please contact our Support Team to let them know.

  • It depends on how many different items you are shipping. Each item will need its own box and each box will need a copy of the Ship Notice.

    For example, if you’ve created a Ship Notice with 50 pens, 50 shirts, and 50 notebooks, you will need 3 boxes and 3 copies of the Ship Notice. Each box will need a copy of the Ship Notice attached.

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