What do I need to do to start sending?

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Now that you have your Sendoso account, there are a few things to set up before your team can start sending. This article will provide you with resources that may help guide you through your initial Sendoso journey. You will need to have admin or manager permissions to complete these steps!

First, you’ll want to become familiar with the Sendoso platform. For a tour of the platform, we recommend checking out the Admin/Manager Training course in the Certifications section of Sendoso University.

Next, the steps you will need to take will depend on your sending strategy. How you set up your account is a choose-your-own-adventure that depends on what you want to send.

For example, if you want to get started right away and send some eGifts or Sendoso Direct gifts, you can skip the Inventory section of this article and revisit it when you’re ready to set that up.

Regardless of your strategy, you’ll need to do some basic account setup to get started like adding Funding Sources, inviting users and creating teams, and setting up Campaigns.

For this article, we’ll go over the basics for the following pages: 

  1. Account Balance: this is where you’ll add your Funding Sources that will pay for the Sends your organization will submit.
  2. Team Settings: this is where you’ll invite your team members to join.
  3. Inventory: this is the page where you’ll configure your products that you may opt to send to our Sending Fulfillment Centers (SFC.)
  4. Customization Center: this is where you’ll customize your gift emails and landing pages to suit your brand.
  5. Campaigns: this is where you’ll set up the individual Sends that your team can send.
  6. Send page: this is where you and your team will go to start sending!
  7. What's next: a list of helpful resources!

Let’s get started!

Account Balance

This page is where you will set up how your sends will be funded. You can access the Account Balance page by clicking the menu icon in the top-right corner of the app. From there, you’ll see an Account Balance link.


You’ll have two options to select from:

  1. Adding funds via invoice
  2. Adding funds via credit card

If you choose to receive invoices to fund your sending, you’ll receive the funds to start sending immediately. An invoice will be sent to the contacts on the funding source within 24 hours of the funds being loaded. Account Balance invoices are due upon receipt per the contract.

If you choose to input a credit card, you’ll be charged upon adding funds and you will receive a receipt for your transaction.

To make your choice, you’ll click the Add button on the Account Balance page, and fill out the requested information. Once you add your Funding Source, you’ll then need to add funds.

This article will explain the process:

How do I create a Funding Source and add funds to my account?

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Team Settings

This page will enable you to invite people to Sendoso and organize those individuals into teams and departments. To get to this page, you’ll want to click on the menu icon in the top-right corner of the app. From there, you’ll see a Team Settings link.


On this page, you’ll see two tabs at the top:

  • Teams: this is where you’ll categorize the users you invite to Sendoso. You can create Teams and Departments here.
  • Users: this is where you can invite users and manage the settings for those users.

Good to know: you will need to have a Funding Source set up before creating Teams. You’ll need to create Teams before inviting users.

Here are some resources that may be helpful:

How do I create a team and invite team members?
What are the differences in user permissions and how do I change roles?
Teams & Users: Create and Manage Users
Teams & Users: Create Departments and Teams

Once you add users, you’ll want to ensure that they have the funds needed to start sending. Here are some resources that may help:

How can I add or remove funds for users?
Account Balance: User Spending Limits and Settings

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This page is where you’ll set up your own products and arrange to have them sent to any of our Sending Fulfillment Centers (SFCs.)

If you’re ready to send now and want to set up your inventory later, feel free to skip to the Customization Center and Touches sections. You’ll be able to set up eGift and Sendoso Direct Touches without having to set up your Inventory page.

If you do not plan to send any physical items from your inventory, you can skip this part of the account setup.

Please note that if you plan on using the Custom Brand Shop, this is where you’ll set that up. For more information, check out the Custom Brand Shop help center article.

Getting to the Inventory page is easy! Just click Inventory at the top of the page.


From here, you’ll be able to create your products and get the necessary information to send them to the SFC for storage and easy sending. To get started, click + Create New Products and follow the prompts.

Here are some resources that may help you along the way:

Inventory: The Fundamentals
Adding Products to Inventory
How do I add my own products to my Inventory?
Items Sendoso Can't Store at Our Sending Fulfillment Centers

Good to know: In order to include any of your products in a Send, they will need to be shipped to and stored in an SFC. As such, it’s important to include a Ship Notice in any shipments that you send to an SFC. If a Ship Notice is not included with the shipment, it could take up to 3 weeks for your inventory to update within your account. Here’s all you need to know:

Ship Notices & Basic Shipping
How do I ship items to Sendoso's Sending Fulfillment Center?

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Customization Center

The Customization Center is where you’ll add themes to apply your organization’s branding to gift emails and landing pages.

To get to the Customization Center, click the menu icon in the top-right corner of the app and select Customization Center.


Click the + Create button to get started. As you go through setting up your themes, these resources may help:

Customization Center
How do I create and maintain themes to customize gift emails and landing pages?

Once you set up your themes, you’ll be able to indicate whether your senders can select one of your created themes in their sends during the Touch setup process or you can impose specific themes for specific Touches.

How do I enable Senders to choose their own gift email theme?

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Create Campaigns

Now that you’ve set up your Funding Sources, Team Settings, and custom themes, it’s time to create your Campaigns.

Campaigns are essentially orders that senders can choose when they initiate a Send. They are configured to your specifications and will ensure your team is sending what should be sent!

If you want to set up Campaigns for physical items, check out the Inventory section before creating a Campaign.

Good to know: Senders cannot start sending until you set up your Campaigns and assign them to a team.

Let’s get you there! Click on Campaigns at the top of the page!

Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 12.57.50 PM.png

Click on + Create Campaign to get started. Now, you’ll see several options here:

  1. Sendoso Choice: this is what you’ll select if you want to enable your senders to send eGifts.
  2. Sendoso Direct: this is what you’ll select if you want your senders to send items from the marketplace. Click here to learn more!
  3. Handwritten notes: for $6, send handwritten notes to your contacts. To choose this, you’ll need to go through creating a new product. For more information, click here.
  4. Inventoried Sends: choose this one if you have products stored in any of our SFCs.
  5. Amazon Integrated: choose this if you want to enable your senders to send items from Amazon within your budget. You’ll need the Chrome extension for this type of Send.

Now, the Campaign set-up process has several steps and you can read more about each step in these resources:

Creating Campaigns
What is a Campaign and how do I create one?
Get to Know Triggered Sending

Once you’ve set up your Campaign, your senders will now be able to start sending. 

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Send Page

You’ve gone through all of the steps to set up your account and now you and your team can start sending!

Head over to the Send page to get started.


On this page, you’ll be able to see all of the Campaigns that you’ve created. The Campaign that your Senders will see depend on how you configured each Campaign.

To initiate a Send, simply find and click on the Campaign you’d like to send. Then you’ll be asked to provide the requested information before clicking Send It.

Here are some resources that may help you along the way:

Sending: Get to Know
Address Confirmation
How do I Use Address Confirmation?
Book More Meetings Using Sendoso
How do I send in bulk via CSV upload?

What’s next?

Once you have a few Sends under your belt, it might be helpful to bookmark these resources:

Tracking Sends as an Admin or Manager
What do the different statuses in the Send Tracker mean?
How do I approve or cancel Sends with issues?
Analytics Page
How do I check the activity of an eGift Send?

While there is so much more to explore, you’re now set up to start executing your sending strategy.

For additional training on the platform, we recommend checking out Sendoso University courses. These courses are designed to help you be as successful as possible using Sendoso.

For troubleshooting or answers to frequently asked questions, check out our Help Center. And, of course, should you run into any issues or if you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team!

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