What can I do if my eGift has expired?

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Senders can select when eGifts expire. At the bottom of the email you received, there is an expiration date.


If you opened the email before the date at the bottom, your eGift will never expire. If you opened the email after the date, the eGift offer will no longer be valid. 

If you opened the email before, but tried to redeem the gift after the date in the email, you may be asked to request a new link.*


Once you complete the request, you'll receive your new eGift link within 1 business day.

*for eGift offers received after 01/01/2024

If you open the email for the first time and try to redeem the eGift after that date, you will receive an expiration notification. In that case, we recommend that you reach out to the individual who sent you the eGift to see if they can resend the offer.

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