International Sending with Campaign Services

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Do you need to send gifts internationally? Work with our EU-based Campaign Services team to create picture-perfect sends and the ultimate ‘WOW’ unboxing experience.

Our creative team helps with the ideation, sourcing, and project management of your direct mail campaigns from beginning to end.

Utilize our international warehouses to manage shipping costs, avoid customs fees and have access to a wide range of products sourced locally within each region.


  • Warehouses located in the EU, UK, and Australia
  • Amazing vendors on board with an extensive product offering
  • Ability to ship to 165 countries
  • Address Confirmation for international sending
  • Campaign Curation experts to identify individual country shipping requirements and prohibited items

Why Source Locally?

  1. Our team thoroughly vets the vendors we work with, which means better product offerings, pricing, and overall experience for our customers.
  2. We use local vendors. This ensures we avoid import duties, import VAT, and potential import restrictions.
  3. Reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment. Localizing the supply chain represents a tremendous opportunity to help the environment. When you reduce shipping and storage, you also reduce emissions and energy usage. Sourcing locally not only contributes to green manufacturing but ultimately helps you build consumer confidence.
  4. Reduce shipping costs and avoid customs fees.
  5. Become familiar with local gift-giving customs and etiquette to ensure your gift is well received by your recipient

Additional Information:

  • All products sourced through Campaign Services need to be stored and shipped, which is much more cost-effective if the warehouse is located in the country where you will be doing the majority of your international gift sends.
  • Shipping costs are based on destination, weight, and dimensions. These all come into play when calculating shipping.
  • Utilizing International warehousing also offers the best international gift delivery system as it sends your gifts to your recipients quicker and seamlessly.
  • Each country you are shipping to has its own rules and regulations so lean on our International Send Curation team to guide you through the process to make your send a success!



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