How do I Use Address Confirmation?

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This article will provide a general overview of Address Confirmation. For additional training and information about Address Confirmation, check out this Sendoso University course!

What is Address Confirmation?

Address confirmation is a way to reach your customers who are working from home or out of the office. It provides some reassurance that your gift will arrive at the recipient's correct location, wherever that might be! 

This feature is enabled for all customers and all senders by default and can be enabled for any physical send (inventory, Sendoso Direct, Amazon.)

Essentially, this feature allows recipients to confirm and/or provide their address within 2-7 business days before the Send gets processed.

How it works: You have the Recipient’s Address

Even if you're fairly certain you have the correct address for your recipient, you may want to double-check just in case! This is a great way to provide the recipient with a chance to update their address before any gifts get sent their way.

To configure the settings for this feature after you've selected the gift you want to send, select I Have Recipient’s Address and then Enable on the Send page. Once you make those selections, you’ll see a modal with options for you to choose to configure how the Address Confirmation feature behaves.



The settings you’ll need to configure include:

  • Whether you’d like to send your gift even if the recipient does not confirm their address
    • Don’t send my package if the recipient doesn’t confirm - will cancel the Send 
    • Send my package even if the recipient doesn’t confirm - will process the Send as normal once the Address Confirmation period ends
  • The method through which you’ll be sending the Address Confirmation link
    • Let Sendoso send the Address Confirmation link, or
    • Generate a link and send it through your own correspondence with the recipient
  • How many days will the recipient have to confirm their address 
    • You can choose between 2 and 7 days for the Address Confirmation period

Once you click "Send" Sendoso will:

1. Queue up your order

2. Place your order on pause for 2 business days while we await the recipient's reply

3. Email the recipient with the call to action to confirm the address if you chose to let Sendoso send the Address Confirmation link

4. Provide you with an Address Confirmation link to send through your own correspondence if you chose to generate a link

5. If the recipient confirms or updates their address, Sendoso will automatically process the order

6. Email the sender if the recipient confirms their address OR Email the sender if their order was canceled (if the recipient doesn’t confirm their address.)

Generating a Link for Address Confirmation


If you choose to send the Address Confirmation link to the recipient through your own correspondence with them, Sendoso will provide you with the link when you click Send.

If sending to an individual, you’ll see the generated link in the success pop-up modal:


When generating Address Confirmation links in bulk via CSV upload, you will receive an email with a file that includes the generated links. 

To easily find the email, you can search for the subject line, “Download Your Address Confirmation Link(s)”.


Please note that if you choose to send a generated link, Sendoso will not send email reminders to your recipient. Reminder emails will only trigger if Address Confirmation is sent through Sendoso.

How it works: You don’t have the recipient’s address

Address Confirmation also works if you don’t have the recipient’s address. Simply select I Don’t Have Recipient’s Address on the Send page.

You’ll still have some settings to configure before submitting the Send. You can choose to have Sendoso send the Address Confirmation link or you can generate the link to send through your own correspondence with the recipient.

You'll also choose when the Address Confirmation period ends. If the recipient doesn't provide an address within that timeframe, the order will be canceled.


Please note that you must have the recipient’s address for Sends coming from the Sending Fulfillment Center in Australia. Address Confirmation is unavailable for Sends from that location.

The Recipient Experience

If you chose to have Sendoso send the Address Confirmation directly to the recipient, they will receive an email that looks something like this:

Subject Line: "Confirm your address with [Sender Name] from [Company Name]"


Once they click the link in the email (or the link you sent if you generated the Address Confirmation link) they will be directed to a landing page where they can confirm, update or provide their address:


If they don't update or confirm their address, then Sendoso will email them a reminder 24 hours before the offer is set to expire.

Reminder emails will only be sent if the Sendoso method was selected, not for generated links. 


Our paramount concern is to protect you and your customers. Here are some ways that we are securing your data:

Data in transit - All of the data captured through our integrations and Chrome extension are encrypted using TLS 1.2 with SHA-256.

Data at rest - Sendoso uses Amazon RDS for cloud-hosted MySQL. We’ll use AES-256 encryption.

Additional resources below:

  • Encryption at Rest in AWS docs here.
  • AWS KMS concepts here, cryptographic details here
  • How KMS can be used to encrypt data at rest in a MySQL RDS instance here

Now you know how Address Confirmation works! If you have additional questions, please review our Address Confirmation FAQs article or any of these resources:

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