Account Balance Notifications

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Two types of notifications go out depending on your settings for each of your Funding Sources. This article will go through both types and then provide instructions on how to update these settings

Low Balance Alert

At Sendoso, we'd like to provide you with a timely reminder when the balance of any funding source is running low so you can proactively add funds to prevent service disruption.

Within each funding source, you can set up a threshold ("Low Balance Alert Amount") so Sendoso will automatically email you when the balance runs low.


Invoice Email

We understand each company or even each team may have its own account payable process. Therefore, we provided flexibility to configure the invoice email recipient list at the funding source level.

To manage the list of individuals who receive invoices, update the "Account Payable Contact Email" field. Multiple emails are supported too as long as they are separated by a comma.

Invoice emails are sent via email immediately after an invoice is generated by the Add Funds action for an invoice-type funding source.


Updating Funding Source Settings

To set up or update your Account Balance notifications, navigate to your Account Balance page from your account. 

From that page, you'll want to locate the Funding Source you'd like to set up notifications for. Once you locate the Funding Source, click the three dots on the right side of the page in that row.

Click Edit.

On this page, you'll be able to set the Low Balance Alert Amount and designate which email addresses should receive this notification. If you'd like this notification to go out to more than one email address, put a comma in between each email address.


You'll also be able to designate who in your organization receives invoice emails if your Funding Source's Type is Invoice.


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