HubSpot Webhook Trigger with Address Confirmation Alternative

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Want to send something to your program members in HubSpot but are afraid it won’t reach them? It’s a common concern right now - hardly anyone is working from their office.

Don’t worry, Sendoso has you covered. By using a simple workflow in HubSpot and a custom Sendoso webhook, you can give your recipients the option to provide their information so you can reach them.

Note: Complete the Sendoso integration with HubSpot first via the steps here:
Sendoso and HubSpot Integration Set-up Guide

In this article, we'll go through:


Step 1: Build the form and personal address fields in HubSpot
Get started by creating your address confirmation/submission form in HubSpot. Your workflow will use this form submission as the trigger for the Sendoso Webhook. Make sure your fields are mapping the data to ‘Personal’ address fields so there’s no risk of overwriting your standard address fields.



Step 2: Build the campaign in Sendoso
Get started by creating your campaign in Sendoso and using ‘Webhook’ as your HubSpot Integration Type. Copy both the Webhook URL and App ID as you’ll need both to complete the set-up in HubSpot. 


On the Recipient Mapping section, be sure to map the address fields to the Personal Address fields you’ve created in HubSpot. This will ensure the webhook sends the personal data to Sendoso when shipping. Once you’ve finished the mapping, you can finish setting up the campaign.


Step 3: Create the Workflow in HubSpot
Once you’ve created the campaign in Sendoso, you’re ready to build out the workflow in HubSpot.

Set your contact-based trigger, and include an if/then action. For the if/then action, set up a form submission and the follow-up action as the webhook.

In the webhook set-up, paste the Webhook URL and App ID into their respective fields. Once you’ve inserted these fields, your webhook is ready for triggered sends as soon as you activate the workflow!



Things to Consider with This Type of Program
Make your intention very clear: Messaging is very important to the recipient with this type of program, and some recipients may feel uncomfortable providing their personal address information. To ensure the most success and response for this program, make it clear to the recipient that you will not store their personal data after their gift has been delivered.

Delete this data: Once the gift has been delivered, maybe delete this data in HubSpot. This creates trust with the recipient and ensures future sends don’t get sent to the wrong address.

Keep it going: You can replicate this strategy for a number of send types - eGift, physical, multiple choice, etc. - just by using the webhook trigger.


  • All address information is required. International recipients that are missing address information will need to have additional steps in the custom form or flow to capture this. Simply requiring state/province information will be the best workaround.
  • Campaigns must be active to trigger successfully.
  • Please reference the troubleshooting steps listed here for more information

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