Using Dynamic Outreach eGift Links

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This is a guide to creating dynamic eGift links for usage in Outreach Sequences and other Outreach email templates.  

From the Sendoso Side: 

  1. Navigate to and create a new campaign
  2. Choose your campaign (touch) type (Sendoso Choice) > Next Step
  3. Set a static amount for the eGift and choose the vendor of eGift you'd like to send > Next Step
  4. Name your campaign, change the sending type to "Triggered via integration", and select a funding source > Next Step 
  5. Select the Outreach Logo > Next
  6. Copy the Outreach eGift URL > Next
  7. Set up Salesforce tracking > Finish campaign creation. 

From the Outreach side: 

  1. Navigate to and go to the Templates page. 
  2. Create your email template, and insert a link with text over it - use the link you copied above for the Sendoso dynamic eGift link. 

How is it secured? 

Outreach provides the recipient's email address to Sendoso and we use this to authenticate the recipient and permit them to receive an eGift. These links must be sent out from a Sendoso integrated Outreach account for them to work correctly. To verify this integration is on, please navigate to the setup page.

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