Setting up a Salesforce Triggered Campaign

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Leveraging Salesforce, we can automate the sending process to make gifting even easier! This can be done by having Leads/Contacts added to a campaign, or based on a field being updated within Salesforce.

Touches are now "Campaigns"! Read about the change here

First, we have to create a Campaign. Head to the Campaigns tab at the top of Sendoso and click on the orange Create Campaign button located on the right-hand side.

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Next, select what type of Campaign you want to send. We can automate all Campaign types with Salesforce!


After you have selected the campaign type, you'll arrive at the "Touch Details" section. For 'Touch Type', select Triggered sending based on Integration. Once you choose to trigger the send, you'll be presented with a few options:

  • Require Approval: This will enable you to add an extra layer of safety for triggered sends. Read more about our required approval feature here.
  • Funding Source: All triggered sends are charged to a funding source. Select the appropriate funding source for this send.
  • Address Confirmation: Sendoso enables you to send address confirmation with your triggered touch so the recipient can confirm/update their address. At the moment, the address confirmation stays active for 2 days and can not be updated for a longer duration.
    • You can also elect to cancel the package if they don't update their address, or have it sent anyways. 
  • Allow Senders to Add Funds: This will enable your triggered send to continue to run, even after your funding source balance hits $0. It will generate an invoice or credit card charge depending on how your funding source is set up.


Now, click Next Step and select Salesforce from the pop-up window.Screen_Shot_2022-08-24_at_1.57.27_PM.png


After selecting Salesforce, you'll have to choose how you want to trigger the send. You can pick Member Added to Salesforce Campaign, or based on a Salesforce Field.


Member Added to Salesforce Campaign

If you select this trigger, Leads/Contacts added to the specified campaign will trigger Sendoso to send them a gift.

First, select which campaign in Salesforce you want to trigger off of. After that, you will see a couple of optional checkboxes:

  • Parent Campaign: Only check this box if this is a parent campaign and you want to trigger to all child campaigns underneath it.
  • Existing Members: Selecting this box will enable you to trigger to all members of the campaign if they match the trigger status.

Lastly, you will select the status that triggers Sendoso. Keep in mind that a Lead/Contact can be added to the campaign, but if the status doesn't match what you select here, it will not trigger Sendoso.


After setting up the trigger, you will be directed to the Recipient Mapping screen. Here you can select whether or not you want to trigger to Leads, Contacts, or both!

Select the checkbox(es) that apply for this trigger and then map all of the fields that you want Sendoso to read.


Skip ahead to Template and Sender Detail

Salesforce Field

Selecting this trigger method will tell Sendoso to send a gift once the specified field(s) have been updated.

There are four dropdowns you have to update:

  • Salesforce Object: This is the object in Salesforce we want to trigger off of. You can choose Contact, Lead, or Opportunity. You can NOT choose multiple objects when building the logic.
  • Trigger Field: This is the field you want Sendoso to be looking at for an update.
  • Operator: The operator is based on the field type. See our guide below for more information.
  • Input Field: This is the "update" Sendoso is looking for on the specified field

In this example, we are triggering a gift to any Opportunity that reaches "Closed Won" stage and has a value greater than $50k.


*Note - if you are going to use a date field, the date format is as follows: DD/MM/YYYY*

The next screen will have you map the appropriate fields based on which Salesforce object you selected.


If you elected to trigger based on the Opportunity object, you will have an option at the bottom of these fields to send the gift to all contacts or just the primary ones.


Template and Sender Detail

If the gift you are sending includes the ability to send a personalized message, you'll see text to Edit template with a custom message.


Insert your messaging for Leads, Contacts, or both. You can select Insert Salesforce Field Variable to pull fields from SFDC. Then click "Save" at the bottom of the window. 


Then, you will specify who receives the delivery email alerts and who receives the errors if a trigger fails. You can choose yourself, enter in an email, the Contact/Lead Owner, or the Account Owner.


Lastly, you can select which Salesforce Campaign and Member Statuses are updated when items are processing, shipped, delivered, undeliverable, or failed.


If you need any help or have questions send your Customer Success Manager an email or refer to the Salesforce Campaign Best Practices guide. 

That's it! You've successfully created a Salesforce-triggered touch!

Trigger Fields and Operators

Below are guidelines on which Operators work for which SFDC Field types. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Support Team.

Operator Field Types Supported



Checkbox (Boolean)




Checkbox (Boolean)























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