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With Sendoso's Swag on Demand module, you will now have access to 120+ new on-demand swag options varying from bundles to t-shirts to hats to chargers, all available to brand completely on the fly. 

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We know the best marketing campaigns aren't planned months ahead, they're planned days in advance, and we want to align our platform to accommodate direct mail as part of that quick ideation process. 

We also know that if you're a company that is providing swag for your sales team to use, the requests can come from out of nowhere. This enables you to have the resources available without needing a full swag closet or a full virtual Sendoso closet. 

How do I use it?

Sendoso's swag-on-demand module is a paid add-on to your current Sendoso platform.  Once you have added the module, the requested items will appear in your marketplace just like any other on-demand product that we serve. You can check out the new catalog here.


How much do the items cost? 

You can browse the catalog here.

Can my recipients choose between multiple on-demand branded options/styles/colors?

Absolutely! The recipient can choose which swag option + size just like a normal recipient choice you can run through our marketplace today. 

Will these sends be able to accommodate a note? 

As with all gift options through Sendoso, you can always include your message in the recipient experience. PunPal recommended.

Who can I talk to about adding Swag on Demand to my account?

Please reach out to your Account Manager or your Customer Success Resource for information about this module! 


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