Setting up a Custom Domain

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Say goodbye to the generic domain and hello to a more personalized and professional email experience. Our new feature allows Sendoso customers to set up their own custom domain using a simple self-serve process.

Please note that this feature is only available to customers on the Plus, Pro, and Enterprise plans.

This article will go through:

Setting up a custom domain

Removing a custom domain

Setting up a custom domain

First, click on the menu icon in the top-right corner of the Sendoso app. From there, click on the Custom Domains link.


You'll then land on a page that will walk you through the process. Click Get Started.


On the next page, you'll enter the custom domain you'd like to use for your gift emails. Please note that the domain you wish to use should be registered to your company and active! 


Click Authenticate domain.

Once your domain is authenticated, you'll be prompted to provide your domain records to your internal IT team. They will need to take some steps to complete the process. Here, you'll have the option to copy the records to send to your IT team, or you can use our pre-populated form to generate an email for you! To generate an email from this page, simply click the Email Records.


Now it's up to your internal IT team to complete the process. Once they take the necessary steps, you'll receive an email to let you know that your custom domain is all set!

Please note that until your IT team takes the necessary steps, your custom domain will appear as Not Verified on the Custom Domain page. 


If your custom domain is not verified within 7 days, you'll receive an email reminder to check in with your IT team!

Removing a custom domain

If for whatever reason, you need to edit or remove the custom domain, you're able to do so at any time.

Simply navigate back to the Custom Domain page. You'll see your custom domain and a button to Remove.


When you click Remove, you'll receive a pop-up message letting you know that removing the domain will revert all gift emails to be shown as from You will also be prompted to let your IT team that they should remove Sendoso CNAME record from the domain hosting provider.


Click Remove to confirm. 

Please note that if you need to edit your custom domain, you will need to completely remove it first.

Have additional questions? Check out our Custom Domain FAQs article.

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