Why did my recipient receive an Address Confirmation email?

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In an effort to increase deliverability rates, we've rolled out a feature that automatically sends an address confirmation request to a recipient when the address provided is invalid.

This not only ensures that gifts are delivered to the intended recipient but also helps with the customs clearance process for international shipments. Another benefit of successful deliveries is that they improve your ability to engage with your prospects and customers. 

This feature works for single sends, and bulk sends, and it is available for triggered sending as well! 

Sending to Individuals

If attempting to send a physical gift to a single invalid address, the sender will receive a prompt to send anyway, edit an address, or the fallback option of requesting address confirmation.


Sending to Multiple Recipients

This feature is automatically enabled for bulk sends that are submitted via CSV.

If there are any invalid addresses in the CSV file that is uploaded, you will receive a notification that there are invalid addresses and have the option to re-upload the file.

Once you have the CSV file, whether the invalid addresses are updated or not, the platform will send an address confirmation form to any of the recipients that still have an invalid or unverified address. 

Sending Via Triggers

For triggered sends, Admins and Managers have the option to activate or deactivate this setting for each Campaign as seen below:


By sending an address confirmation form for unverified addresses, your gift will be sure to reach the intended recipient so you can engage efficiently and effectively.

For more information on how Sendoso validates addresses, please see this article: Address Validation & Formatting.

For additional training on the platform, we recommend checking out Sendoso University courses. These courses are designed to help you be as successful as possible using Sendoso.

For troubleshooting or answers to frequently asked questions, check out our Help Center. And, of course, should you run into any issues or if you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team!

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