How do I find the tracking information for a Send?

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The Send Tracker makes staying in the know about the status of your Send super easy. Any Sender has the ability to track their Sends using the Send Tracker, but Admins and Managers will be able to see statuses for all Sends from their team.

For more information and training on the Send Tracker, check out these resources:

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Tracking Sends as an Admin or Manager

Get to Know Send Tracker

Obtaining the tracking information for a physical (inventoried or Sendoso Direct) Send is easiest through the Send Tracker. This article will explain how.

First, head to your Send Tracker.


From this page, you'll be able to locate your Send by using the Search function or by filtering the list of Sends displayed. 

Once you've located your Send through Search or by filtering, you'll see three dots to the right of the Send. Clicking on View Send Details link, you'll be able to get the tracking information at the top of the Send Details page.



For more details about Send statuses, click here.

If you need the tracking links for multiple Sends, then we recommend that you download a CSV of the Send Tracker. The CSV file will contain the tracking information for every send that has been shipped.

If you encounter an error, or if you believe the status of your Send is incorrect, please reach out to our Support Team for assistance.

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