What happens when a Send is returned to the Sending Fulfillment Center?

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A package can be marked as "Undeliverable" by the carrier for a few reasons. The recipient may have refused the delivery, the address provided might be incorrect, or the business may have closed and moved to a different address.

If a Send is returned to one of our Sending Fulfillment Centers (SFC) for any reason, we do our best to get those items back into your inventory as soon as possible.

Here's what happens when a Send is returned to the SFC: 

  1. The carrier generates a return label and the package is sent back to the SFC it came from.
  2. Once the package is received, we will try to restock your items within 3 business days.
    • Items that aren't damaged or perishable will be added to your inventory and will reflect as such within your account on your Inventory page.
  3. All packaging material will be discarded (handwritten notes, crinkle paper, and boxes.)
  4. Please note that there is a restocking fee of $2.95.

For preset bundles, if it arrives in good condition, will be returned to your inventory. However, if the kit has been damaged, we will discard the package. 

If you have any questions about your particular Send, feel free to reach out to the Support Team with the tracking number of the package and they will take a look!

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