How can I let recipients choose their preferred style of product in a Send?

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For styled products in your inventory, Senders can now allow their recipients to choose their preferred product variant (size, color, material, gender) when the Address Confirmation email is sent.

If you’re sending an item out of the Australian Sending Fulfillment Center, this feature will not be available due to Address Confirmation constraints with that facility.

In order for this feature to work, each style of your product must be configured correctly in your inventory. For more information about how to add products and styled products to your inventory, click here.

How it works

When a single-item Send is initiated, the Sender will have the ability to enable this feature by clicking selecting an option under the Select gift options field at the top of the Send page. You’ll then want to check the Let the recipient choose a different item style box.


Please note that when this feature is enabled, Address Confirmation will have to be configured. Address Confirmation is required in order for the recipient to have the ability to choose their preferred style of the product.

Click here for information about Address Confirmation. 


Once the Send is submitted, the recipient will receive the Address Confirmation email and be directed to a landing page where they’ll confirm their address and select their preferred style of product.

For information on customizing emails and landing pages, click here

How it looks

Recipient email:


Landing page:



Q: What if one of the product styles is out of stock, will the recipient be able to choose that style?

A: This feature takes current inventory levels into consideration. For example, if you send a shirt that has multiple sizes (small, medium, large) and you do not have any inventory left of the small size, the recipient will not be able to choose that size through the landing page.

Q: Can I use this feature for BYO Box or Preset bundles Sends?

A: At this time, this feature only applies to single-item Sends.

Q: Will this feature work with Amazon Sends?

A: Due to certain constraints with how Amazon Sends are processed, this feature will not work with Amazon products.

Q: Can I use this feature without Address Confirmation enabled?

A: At this time, this feature can only work if Address Confirmation is enabled. When you choose to allow recipients to choose their preferred style, Address Confirmation will be automatically enabled.

Q: Can I use this feature for triggered Sends?

A: At this time, this is only available for manual Sends.

Q: What if I didn’t set up a product to have variants in my inventory? Can I go in and edit the product to include variants?

A: If you’ve created multiple products instead of creating one product with multiple styles, please contact our Support Team. They will be happy to help.

Q: What happens if all of the styles of a product are out of stock?

A: The recipient will see that all of the choices are out of stock and will not be able to choose their preferred variant. At the same time, the Sender will be notified via email that due to inventory levels, the recipient was unable to claim a product.


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