Why did my recipient’s email bounce?

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If a gift email is undeliverable, Sendoso will now notify you! We will send you an email if you attempt to Send a gift to an email address that cannot receive emails.


If you receive an email letting you know a gift email wasn’t delivered, this could mean a few things.

You could have accidentally submitted an email address with a typo. The recipient may have left the company and may no longer have an active email account. Or, the recipient may have unsubscribed from emails from Sendoso.

If you believe the recipient may have unsubscribed from our emails, we recommend reaching out to them and asking them to resubscribe through an old gift email. You can send them this article.

Should you like to unsubscribe from receiving these emails, simply head to the Notifications section of your Settings page and uncheck the Gift email deliverability issue notification box.


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