How do I update the photo and description of a product?

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For the items already in your inventory, you're able to update the photos and descriptions of your products at any time. 

To get started, head to your Inventory page within your account. From there, you’ll want to locate the product you’d like to update. Please note, that for products that are pending (In Transit status), you are unable to update the photos for those products.

You can search for the product by name, or use the filter button to filter the list by warehouse.

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Once you’ve located the product you’d like to update, click the three dots to the right on that product’s row and click Edit.

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This will take you to the product details page. To update a photo, first, click the garbage icon to remove the existing photo.


You’ll then be able to upload a new photo for that product.


To update the product description, you’ll need a scroll down a bit on that page. Below the product details, you’ll see a “Product Description” text box. You will have 400 characters for the product description.


Once you’ve uploaded the product photo and description, don’t forget to click Save & Close at the bottom of the page!

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