How do I check the activity of a Send?

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Curious about what's been going on with a Send that you or one of your Senders sent to a recipient? The Send Tracker may help you out with that!

We've added a Send Details page to the Send Tracker page for all Sends. You are now able to track the journey of each gift you send.

To check on the status of a Send, head over to your Send Tracker and locate the Send you're curious about. Once you've found the Send, click the three dots to the right of the Send. 


From there, you'll see a variety of details pertaining to that specific Send.

Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 1.02.05 PM.png

These details include:

Send Info


Recipient Info


Recipient Message


Gift Details


Recent Updates




For more information about the Send Tracker, check out this article if you're an admin or manager or this article if you're a sender!

For additional training on the platform, we recommend checking out Sendoso University courses. These courses are designed to help you be as successful as possible using Sendoso.

For troubleshooting or answers to frequently asked questions, check out our Help Center. And, of course, should you run into any issues or if you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team!

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