How do I approve or cancel Sends with issues?

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As an Admin or Manager, you will receive emails from Sendoso that notify you of any Sends that are on hold and need action taken to move forward.

This article will show you how to approve or cancel a Send that is on hold due to an issue. 

For answers to frequently asked questions about Sends with issues, click here.


How to find Sends with issues:

To locate all of the Sends with issues, navigate to your Send Tracker tab and click Issues at the top next to All Sends.

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On this page, you'll see all Sends that have encountered some kind of issue. You'll be able to take action on the Sends with the statuses of Suspicious email and Insufficient funds

To approve or cancel the Sends that are paused due to insufficient funds or suspicious email, simply click the three dots to the right of the Send. You'll then be able to click Approve or Cancel send.


Once canceled or approved, the send will be removed from Send Issues and appear in Send Tracker with the updated status.

Please note: Senders are only able to Cancel their sends. The ability to Approve sends is available exclusively to Admin and Manager users.


Why would a Send be on hold?

There are two reasons why you would need to take action on an on-hold order: Insufficient funds or a suspicious email address.

How does Sendoso know whether an email address is suspicious?

Our system considers several factors when marking an email address as suspicious. These factors include the format of the email (the presence of “+” in the email address) and the quality of the email address, as determined by machine learning. 

What happens when I approve a Send that was on hold for insufficient funds?

If a Send is Approved that was on hold due to insufficient funds, your account balance is temporarily allowed to go negative. Once a night, the negative charges are consolidated into a single invoice that is sent to the person designated to receive invoices. For more information about invoices, click here.

What kind of notifications will I get when Sends have issues?

Senders see a modal immediately after they initiate a Send letting them know that the Send is on hold and that a Manager will need to approve the Send. As an Admin or Manager user, you will receive an hourly “digest” email letting you know about all new Sends that have issues. 

What happens when a Send has multiple issues?

If a Send is placed on hold for insufficient funds and it appears to be a suspicious email, you will have to approve the Send twice - once for each issue. You will first be prompted to approve the Send for the insufficient funds issue, then it will reappear on the list for the suspicious email issue.

Will I get a refund if the Send is canceled?

Yes! If you opt to cancel the Send, and your account was already charged for the Send (eGifts), you will receive a refund.

Is there a way to mark a recipient's email as "safe"? 

At this time, there is no way to mark a recipient's email as "safe." Every time a Send is initiated to that recipient, you'll have to approve the Send.

Does this feature work with bulk Sends?

Yes! If you've submitted a Send for multiple recipients through the Bulk CSV Upload feature, those sends will also be flagged if there are any issues. 

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