How do I customize my Address Confirmation emails?

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If you are sending an inventoried or Sendoso Direct item and you enable Address Confirmation, you’re now able to customize the Address Confirmation email sent to recipients.

If your Sendoso Admin or Manager set up the Campaign to allow customization, you’ll be able to change the theme of the email, add a custom message and add a photo of the item in the Send.

When sending a gift, if you enable Address Confirmation, you’ll see options to change the theme of the email, add a custom message and hide the product photo.


Once you’ve made your selections, you’ll then be able to preview the email before sending.


If your Send includes a single item, the photo that displays will be the first one available. For Preset Bundle Sends, the bundle name and photo will display. If your Send contains multiple items (BYO Box), then the photo displayed will be of the item with the highest monetary value.

If you’re unable to see these options when initiating a Send, we recommend that you speak to the Admin or manager of your Sendoso account. They may need to adjust the settings within the Campaign to allow customization.

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