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Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about Inventoried Sends. As always, feel free to reach out to the Support Team should any additional questions arise. 

Where does the inventory for my Inventoried Sends come from?

Inventory can make its way to Sendoso 1 of 3 ways:

  1. You (the Customer) send us (Sendoso) your items.
  2. You have your vendor ship to our warehouse directly.
  3. Sendoso orders your items on your behalf.

For more information about how to proceed for points 1 and 2, check out the Sendoso University page about Warehouse and Inventory.

For more information on Sendoso sourcing and ordering on your behalf, please reach out to your Sendoso CS resource.

Can I cancel an Inventoried Send?

You can do this quickly and easily from within the Send Tracker. Simply click the eye icon associated with the Send you would like to cancel.

Then click Cancel Send at the top of the window that appears. 

If you are unable to cancel the Send on your end, please reach out to the Send Squad for assistance.

Are Inventoried Sends available internationally?

Inventoried sends can be set up for international sending. However, you will need to ensure that any inventoried items you would like to send internationally are in the appropriate international warehouse. Please reach out to your Sendoso CS resource for more information. 

Can I store and send alcohol to use in Inventoried Sends?

Absolutely, however, there are a few things you should know before you decide to send alcohol.

Our Beverage Sending Fulfillment Center in California is the only Sendoso warehouse able to inventory and ship alcohol. The warehouse is called "Beverage - US" in the Warehouse drop-down on the Inventory page. All other Sendoso warehouses are currently not licensed to receive or ship alcohol of any kind. Please ensure that any and all shipments are directed accordingly to the proper warehouse.

Restrictions on shipping to states where prohibited (Oklahoma, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Utah, New Hampshire, Virginia, Wisconsin, or Delaware) as well as certain specific zip codes will apply.

In the event alcohol is shipped to one of our other warehouses, these items will be destroyed.

How many items can I add to a BYO Box?

There is no limit to the number of items that can be added to a BYO Box. 

Sendoso's fantastic warehouse team will make sure that our items are packed with care and consideration.

Note: Each item chosen for the BYO Box is subjected to Pick and Pack. Reach out to your CS resource for more information.

Can I use Meeting Scheduler with Inventoried Sends?

No. Meeting Scheduler is designed to work with Sendoso Choice.

How is a BYO Box different than a Preset Bundle?

A Preset Bundle is set up by a Manager User and the Success Squad. During the setup process, the Manager determines exactly what should be included. No part of a Preset Bundle can be changed or manipulated by the Sender.

Are there any restrictions on what can be stored to send?

Yes, there are. We keep an updated list with examples in this Help Article

How can I see what items I have inventoried with Sendoso?

If you're a Manager or Admin user, you can check your inventory on this page. Here, you can see which items are inventoried, how much stock they have, and much more. 

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