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Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about sending through Amazon. As always, feel free to reach out to our Support Team if you have any questions or concerns!

Do I need the Sendoso Chrome Extension?

Sure do! This is how we integrate with Amazon. The extension offers Senders an easy way to send without having to log in directly to the app with another browser tab.

We suggest downloading it from the Extension Store. Click here to do that now.

If you need to download Google Chrome, click here!

Does Amazon ship to my recipient or Sendoso?

Amazon items are not sent directly to your recipient. Instead, they are sent to one of our warehouses. At our warehouse we remove Amazon-branded packaging, add any specifically requested Inventoried items, then pack it up and ship it to your recipient. 

Are there limits to how many items I can order from Amazon?

All purchases go through Sendoso’s Amazon account and quantity restrictions sometimes occur on a single Amazon customer or account, or on a single order. Per Amazon, there may be some limits to how many units of one item can be purchased through Sendoso's account on their platform. For more information, click here.

How does ordering something from Amazon impact shipping times?

Because the item comes from Amazon first, then through our warehouse, and finally repacked and sent back out, Amazon sends are estimated to take 3-5 business days longer than other send types.

What if the product I want to purchase through Amazon is no longer available?

No worries! We will let you know if this is the case. In fact, you'll see an error that says, "Oops this product is not in stock and Amazon expects delays in shipping so this is not available to send via Sendoso. Please click Search Again and find something new."

What is the $15 Shipping Hold for?

Sendoso places an Amazon order to have the item shipped to Sendoso's warehouse, provides the Sender a tracking number, and will charge the Sender $15 for a "Shipping Hold."

Once the actual shipping cost is determined, the $15 is refunded and is replaced by the actual cost.

How many items can I send from Amazon at once?

You can order only 1 Amazon item. However, an Amazon Campaign can be set up to request specific inventoried items to be added before the gift is sent to your recipient.

Amazon Add-ons - Can I use them?

Amazon Add-ons cannot currently be sent through Sendoso. Not sure if it's an Add-on or not? When you try to send the item, you will receive the error, "Oops this product is an Add-on product and is not available to send via Sendoso. Please click Search Again and find something new."

Can I send items through Amazon that are not Amazon Prime?

Any products fulfilled outside of Amazon are not currently available for us. How do you know that is the case? If there is a "See All Buying Options" button on the product page, then you will need to choose another item.

Can I add one of my pieces of swag in the warehouse to my Amazon Send?

You can request that the warehouse add some of your items already in stock to the outgoing Amazon box.

However, you should know that if your Send included additional swag, there may be additional costs due to the box size, weight, or more. Costs are calculated on a case-by-case basis. For more information, reach out to your Sendoso Primary Contact. 

Do I need to have an Amazon Prime account to use this feature?

Nope! All purchases go through Sendoso's Amazon account so there is no need to use your own account.

Is there anything I cannot send?

There are a few things you cannot send:

  1. Perishable, food items, alcohol
  2. Amazon Pantry
  3. Items fulfilled outside of Amazon
  4. Add-On items
  5. Handmade category

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