How do I manage users in my account?

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If you need to make any adjustments to users' accounts, you're able to do so in the Teams & Users tab in your account. Now, you can adjust and update users in bulk!

In this article, you'll learn how to make adjustments to users and invited users within your Sendoso account. 

Inviting New Users

You're able to send invites to people in your organization so they can have access to Sendoso. To get started, navigate to the Teams & Users tab in your account. From there, click + Invite Users.


Then you'll follow the prompts that appear. First, you'll need to select the team this user will join.


Then you'll enter their email address and select the role that you'd like them to have and click Invite.


Changing a User's Team or Role 

To change a user’s role, select the Team Settings link under the menu icon on the top-right corner of the app.


Then navigate to the Users tab at the top.


Search for the user whose role or team you'd like to change in the search field at the top.

Either select the checkbox to the left of the user's name or click the three dots to the right of that user's role and select Change Role or Change Team.

In the pop-up window, find the role or team you'd like to assign this user. Click Select and then Confirm your choice.



Changing Multiple Users' Teams or Roles

If you have multiple users who need a role or team change, you can update them at the same time in bulk. Simply select the checkbox to the left of each user's name and click Change Role or Change Team at the bottom of the page.



Managing Invites

If you want to withdraw, delete or resend an invite to a user, simply navigate to the Invited Users tab within your Teams & Users tab.

From there, you're able to select single or multiple users to withdraw, delete or resend invitations.


If you need to delete a user, feel free to review this article. For more articles about the Teams & Users page, check out these articles.

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