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Welcome to the Sendoso Marketplace - a catalog of curated gifts within the Sendoso platform featuring carefully selected products from fully-vetted vendor partners that make sending on-demand easy, reliable, and fun for Sendoso customers.

Using our unique integration through Shopify, we are able to connect directly with your e-commerce site and send orders directly into your checkout process.

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Integration with Sendoso Marketplace Channel

Order flow process


Integration with the Sendoso Marketplace Channel

This is where the vendor Shopify store will integrate with the Sendoso Marketplace Channel by performing a handshake between the two platforms. Sendoso will not appear on your website or vice versa.

This is a communication channel for the orders and payment information to be fed across to your store.

Please connect with the Marketplace Vendor Partnerships Team {} to set up your integration.


The above image is where the vendor will enter their store URL. Only the name of the store is required such as (http:// can be removed).


The permissions page the vendor will be taken to on Shopify where they will add the Sendoso sales channel.


The initial app view before any products have been added to the Sendoso Marketplace Channel. The vendor can click on the link to simply add their products.


1. When editing each product, the vendor can manage their different sales channels, including the Sendoso Marketplace Channel.


2. The vendor selects the Sendoso Marketplace Channel for this product.


The app page after products has been added to the Sendoso Marketplace Channel. 

Order Flow Process

Customers view your products in our online catalog. They can set individual products as part of a single send touch or multi-touch campaign which can be sent repeatedly and frequently by any team member.

Orders are placed on the Sendoso platform and are sent directly to the vendor checkout via the integration

All orders are paid in full and completed on the vendor’s side.


The vendor will know it’s from Sendoso as the customer will be “Sendoso Direct” and the order will say it is from Sendoso Marketplace.

The vendor fulfills the order as per their usual fulfillment process, including a personalised gift note from the customer to their end recipient.

Once the vendor completes the order as fulfilled and inputs the tracking information, the Sendoso API pulls all this information back into the platform and will automatically update the sender through every stage of the delivery process.


The tracking information must be completed here on the vendor order page.



  • All orders must be shipped DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) where possible with any of these additional costs built into the Shipping Costs and process.
  • All orders for Sendoso must be fulfilled using a tracked service.
  • Once the order is fulfilled, the vendor must input the tracking information into the order status and the Sendoso API will collect this information.

Gift Note

  • Vendors must be able to provide a gift note facility for all Sendoso orders.
  • The gift note will appear in the Notes section of the Shopify store.


This is where the gift message will appear on the vendor order page.

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