How do I move funds from one Funding Source to another?

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There is currently no way to move funds directly from one Funding Source to another Funding Source. However, there is a workaround where you would:

  1. Add funds to a user's account from the Funding Source you'd like to remove funds from
  2. Remove those funds from the user's account by adding them to the Funding Source you'd like to receive the funds

Below, see the steps to complete that process:

Navigate to the Account Balance page within your account.

Click on the User Spending Limit tab at the top. 

Search for a user by email address or by name at the top.


Select the Funding Source you'd like to remove funds from.

Enter the amount you'd like to remove from the Funding Source and click Add Balance.


Refresh the page and search for the same user.

Select the Funding Source you'd like to add the funds to.

Enter the amount that you added to the user's account in the previous steps and click Remove Balance.


After you complete these steps, money will have been removed from Funding Source A and deposited in Funding Source B.

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