How do I view and edit product details?

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Sendoso has refreshed the experience when viewing and editing a product within Sendoso to provide more product details and information.

Edit and View Product Details

To access product details, click Edit on a product in your Inventory tab.


This will lead you to a page that shows details with multiple sub-sections, such as:

  • Photos

  • Details

  • Categories

  • Variations

  • Shipping

  • Warehouse Notes

You are able to edit details in:

  • Photos

  • Details

  • Shipping

When viewing photos of the product details:

When viewing the Categories section, see details such as:

  • Primary Category

  • Sub-category


The product details display the product title, category, and sub-category at the top of the page.

In the Details section, view the details entered during the Add Product workflow:

  • Product Title (Required)

  • Vendor

  • Brand

  • Brand URL

  • Cost (Required)

  • Product Description

In the Shipping section of the Product Details Page, view details that were entered during the Add Product workflow:

  • Units/Package

  • Warehouse

  • International Shipping

  • HTS Code (if International is populated)

  • Country of Origin (if International is populated)


You can view sub-sections:

  • Categories

  • Variations

  • Warehouse Notes

*Note: Sub-sections cannot be edited.

In Warehouse Notes, view details that were added after the product was received at the warehouse:

  • Length

  • Width

  • Height

  • Weight

By default, it will be N/A, as seen below.


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