Adding an Event Label to an Order

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If you have an upcoming event that requires a special label to be attached to the outside of the box, please follow these steps to ensure your label is on the box.

We highly recommend reviewing this article before submitting an order for an event:

Event Orders Best Practices

It will provide some essential information about event ordering. 

1. Create a Print on Demand Item

You will need to set up a new product in inventory where you can upload the PDF of your event label. If you need assistance creating a new Print on Demand product, click here.

2. Include Your New Print on Demand Item in the BYO Box Set-Up

After creating the product you need to associate it with your BYO Box Campaign. You can add your event label from the "Include Notecard" drop-down when selecting products.


3. Update Packing Instructions

Now that you have associated the label with the order, you must update the packing instructions so the label is placed on the outside of the box.

On the Details page, under "Packing Standards" you'll want to give custom instructions for the event label that read, "Please attach to the outside of the box." If you need assistance setting up custom instructions, see here


4. Submit your Order

After saving your campaign, head to the Send page in Sendoso and submit your order! 

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