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Book a discovery call directly with a Campaign Curator via this scheduling link or by clicking on the Sourcing tab at the top of the app. You can schedule for the same day should you desire!

How to Schedule a Discovery Call?

Schedule your discovery call with a Campaign Curator and choose a date and time that works best for you. 

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We have Campaign Curators based in the US and Ireland so we can ensure there is always someone available to hop on a call to get your campaigns started.

Please also then answer the few questions that follow to ensure our team has enough information to prep your campaign in advance!

What information do we need prior to your call?

When you submit a discovery call request, you will be asked to answer the following questions:

1. Name
2. Email
3. Company
4. Describe your use case/strategy (Give the Campaign Services team a bit of background into your campaign so they can ensure to prepare ahead of your call)
5. Budget (Give the team some information regarding the budget so they can ensure to choose products to fit within this. This can be an estimate.)
6. Quantity (Give the team some information regarding the number of sends you are looking to do. This can be an estimate.)
7. When are you looking to send? (Give the team your desired expected send date so they can ensure they are keeping your engagement timeline on track.)
8. Warehouses you'd like to leverage (Let the team know the warehouses you have in mind so we can utilize products from local vendors they have partnerships with within that region to avoid customs, large shipping costs, and delays.)
9. Any other details (Please insert any other details you believe would be useful for our team to know prior to the call.)
10. Items you are interested in sourcing (Please state any specific items you would like the team to source.)

What happens next?

Once you schedule a time that works before for you to meet with one of the Campaign Services team, you should receive the invite to your email with the Zoom link you will use for the call.

On the call, your Campaign Curator will go through all details regarding your campaign and they will explain all things timeline, process and will clarify next steps.

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