What are Playbooks and why are they helpful?

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Playbooks are use-case-specific send ideas with a suggested gift and associated message. 

Curated based on the Sendoso community’s best practices, each play is ready-made and designed specifically—from message to gift—to help you and your teams leave a lasting impression and reach your goals. 

Faster Account Set Up and Easier Sending

With the playbooks, new accounts now have a blueprint for their first set of gifts to create to get up and running faster than ever before! 

More Inspiration

Visit the playbooks to get inspiration on the various use cases supported by Sendoso, as well as punny messages to help your sends stand out

Customized To Your Needs

Allow senders to request unavailable plays for you to turn on. Or turn off playbooks for your senders to align with your internal business processes for campaign creation.

To learn how to use Playbooks, check out this article!

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