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General Process + Timeline

How long will my project take?

This will vary depending on the scope and complexity of your project. Depending on your request, your project can take up to 4-6+ weeks. Your Campaign Curator will ensure to talk through timelines throughout the process.

How long in advance can I schedule a discovery call?

You are able to schedule a discovery call as soon as the very same day! You get the option to choose a date and time that works best for you.

What is the expected Timeline? When will my items become available for sending?

Depending on your products and if they are branded or unbranded, items take an estimated 2-6 weeks from artwork approval to arrive in your inventory. This all depends on the product and your Campaign Curator will inform you of production times and keep you informed on when items are expected to arrive at the Sending Fulfillment Center.

Once items are inventoried (4-6 days to inventory), the Sending Fulfillment Center will ship out your orders within approximately 3-5 days from order upload. (If you are using address confirmation, this will also add on additional time depending on the length chosen.)

Then, standard shipping time takes 2-5 days for delivery via FedEx, UPS, or USPS. (You could also choose an expedited shipping method when uploading orders).

Can I send in my own inventory? What are the steps? Does sending in or storing my inventory cost additional?

Yes, you can send in your inventory! To do this, you will need to create the product and ship notice inside your Sendoso account.

Please be sure to follow our packaging requirements when sending in inventory and include the ship notice printout on each box.

You will not be charged anything additional for sending or storing inventory at our Sending Fulfillment Center- this is included in your contract.

Can I use my own vendor for branded items? Can you work with my preferred vendor?

You are able to source on your own and use your own vendor for branded items and ship them to our warehouses or if you prefer to work with Campaign Services, we are happy to help you find similar, if not the same items through vendors we have existing partnerships with.

Funds & Payment

How do I create a Funding Source and add funds to my account?

What if I have insufficient funds?

Order Details

Will I see proof of my custom item before it goes into production?

Yes, we will always send you virtual proof via email before proceeding with production. You are able to make any adjustments during the proof process if needed. Once items are approved and moved to production, we are unable to make any changes.

What are the types of logo/design formats accepted?

Please send over a vector format file of your logo (.ai or .eps preferred). For design templates, please send over PDF’s.

How is my budget being calculated? What goes into the order total?

The cost of your send depends on the number of items going into a box (pick and pack), the recipient’s destination (shipping charges), and the cost of items. If you have a certain budget allocated, your project manager will present you with a SOW (full quote) with the breakdown.

How much is a custom box?

The cost of a custom box is variable and depends on the box artwork, size, and quantity. Once you determine what items are going inside the box, your Campaign Curator will determine the best size box and send a dieline for your design team to design and send back. Once artwork is completed, your Campaign Curator will be able to send you an accurate quote.

How much do custom packaging materials cost?

If you are wanting to add crinkle paper, custom stickers to seal the box or custom/colored mailers, these will come at an additional cost. The cost will depend on your number of sends, quantity, size of box, etc.

Your Campaign Curator will provide you with packaging information during your discovery call if you are interested in any packaging materials outside of the standard materials on hand at the Sending Fulfillment Center.

What size do you recommend for custom stationery for handwritten notes?

We recommend a 5x7 or 4x6 size to allow for enough space and formatting for the handwritten notes.


If we are using the standard packaging materials at the warehouse, is that an additional cost?

Standard packaging materials include kraft boxes, kraft tape, kraft paper, etc- nothing custom. If you are utilizing the materials we have on hand, this cost will be baked into the shipping fee.

What about international shipping?

International Sending Best Practices

Additional Support

How do I receive additional support?

Our support team has dedicated personnel involving technical or platform inquiries and more! Please submit a ticket as the support team would be the best people to handle this. Try to include any relevant details when submitting a ticket.

You can reach them via live chat within the platform by clicking on the gray bubble in the bottom right-hand corner, or you can submit a ticket here.

Where can I see inventory updates?

The Inventory tab in the platform is where you can see the quantity and items available. If you are sourcing items through Campaign Curation for your campaigns, your Campaign Curator will alert you when items are inventoried at the Sending Fulfillment Center. If you source on your own, you will receive email notifications.

Can I send alcohol to Canada? What are the alcohol restrictions?

At this time, shipping alcohol is limited to the US only- we cannot ship internationally. All sourced alcohol is shipped from our Beverage-US Sending Fulfillment Center in Hayward California.

Shipping: All sourced alcohol must ship via FedEx Ground. Click here for restricted states that we are unable to ship to. We are also unable to ship alcohol to PO Boxes.

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