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The Sendoso Marketplace is a collection of 3rd party vendors available via the Sendoso platform to provide unique, local and specialty gifting options. We partner closely with the vendors within our Marketplace to ensure the best possible selection and quality of gifts, focusing on a seamless overall sending experience. 

We aim for sends to be successfully fulfilled to your recipients on every send, however there are occasionally circumstances which are beyond our control. The below information highlights how we review and remedy certain situations that may arise. 


Failed Delivery Policy

If an order has been placed successfully by Sendoso, and the order has shipped successfully by our vendor partner but the package has not been delivered to the end recipient, we will not issue a refund.

If the package was damaged in transit we will offer either a refund or ship a replacement.

Vendor Error/ Delayed Processing Policy

If an item was sent incorrectly by the vendor, we will issue a refund or replacement. If there is a delay that is more than a week longer than the estimated delivery time, noted in business days from the time the address was confirmed (excluding holidays) we will work with the vendor for an appropriate course of action based on the circumstance. This may include (but is not limited to) canceling orders, issuing a refund, or sending a replacement. 

Substitution Policy

We reserve the right to substitute your item with a similar item if the original is out of stock or being sent to an area that the original does not ship to. Similar item is defined as within $10 of original item and similar description. 

Out of Stock Policy

Sendoso cannot guarantee stock availability of an item. When we are notified an item is out of stock, it will be shown as out of stock in our Direct Catalog and disabled from the offerings when creating a new touch. 

If an order has already been placed for the item and is in processing, we will cancel and refund the order, or replace it with a similar item. 

Sendoso cannot guarantee when a particular item will be available again, but we will provide as much information as possible in Direct Catalog. If the item is not coming back in stock, we will remove the offering from the Catalog completely.

Cancellation Policy

Since third-party vendors fulfill Direct Sends, time is of the essence to cancel.

You are eligible to cancel your order if it has not been processed by the third party vendor. Typically, this means that you can cancel your Send within a few minutes of placing the order. However, should you find that you are no longer able to click the "Cancel Send" button, you will need to reach out to the Send Squad and chat as soon as possible. 

Keep in mind, once a Sendoso Direct order has been placed we are not able to guarantee any changes can be made or that the order can be canceled. 

Complaint Policy

If you do not like the taste/quality of the item, we will not issue a refund. We encourage customers to send a sample to themselves to review the unboxing experience before making it live for their teams to send.

Many vendors include some sort of their own marketing collateral (coupons, flavor cards, etc.) in the package. It is at the vendor's discretion on what items may be included.

“Estimation” Policy

Everything listed in our Direct Catalog is an estimation. Vendor details may change (pricing, shipping time, locations, etc.). There are also factors such as weather, supply shortage, and carrier delays that are outside of our control which may impact details as represented. 

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