Outreach: adding a Sendoso step to a Sequence

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  • The power of Outreach lies in its Sequences, which “are a series of touchpoints built to drive deeper engagement with a Prospect.” Through a bit of configuration, one of those touchpoints can be a Sendoso gift, either physical or electronic.


Set Up Process (Physical Gift)

  • Currently, Outreach does not have a Sendoso-specific step type among its sequence options. Rather, there is one called a Generic Task that can be utilized for this exact purpose.
  • All an Admin really needs to do when setting up the Generic Task is include a note that tells their rep what action to take when they reach that step in the sequence.
  • For example, if you wanted to have a rep send a Sendoso gift immediately after completing a LinkedIn task to do some research on a prospect, you might set up your task like this:


  • Pro tip: our customers have seen that their response rates are most effective when offering gifts no earlier than the 5th step in an Outreach sequence (it's useful to develop some rapport via email, phone calls, and LinkedIn before offering gifts).
  • Here’s a video showing how to do that addition.


Set up process (eGift)

  • By using a comment variable inside a template in Outreach, you can indicate to your reps that they need to do something specific (like look up some company info or generate a Sendoso eGift) before sending an email.
  • An example might look like this:


  • Notice how the preview on the right is filling in the variables with information from the prospect (highlighted in yellow), while the comment variable about Sendoso is highlighted in blue. This means Outreach won’t send the email until the information inside of the {{! }} is filled in.


Execution (Physical gift)

  • When the Generic Task comes up in a rep’s day-to-day execution of Sequence tasks, they’ll want to click on the Sendoso widget on the right-hand side.


  • This will bring up their Touches that they’ve been given permission to send.


  • They can then choose to go about the normal sending process and let Sendoso send out the Address Confirmation email, or generate a link themselves and add it to their own email.
  • Once sent, it’s recommended to add a note saying what was sent, then click “Mark Complete” and they will move on to their next Outreach task.



Execution (eGift)

  • Just like any other manual email task, a rep will need to fill in some specific information before sending it out. In this situation, they’ll want to click on the Sendoso icon within the email, then select an eGift, generate a link and paste it into the email.



Conclusion & Variation 

Just like that, it's easy to keep Outreach as your system of action and allow your reps to send out Sendoso gifts from within the platform where they're likely spending most of their day.

These are just a few examples of the synergy between Outreach and Sendoso, so feel free to get creative and find what works best for your team and their workflows.

Happy sending!

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