Setting up your Salesforce Integration on Sendoso's Free Account

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You will be given the choice of either setting up Salesforce or HubSpot. Read on to learn how to set up your Salesforce integration.

First, download the Sendoso Chrome extension. You can do so from this link.

Once you have the extension installed, navigate to the Integrations tab.


Then select Learn More about the Salesforce integration.


Click Initiate the Integration


Then click Sync Salesforce


You’ll then be prompted to log into Salesforce. You do not need admin permissions to do this as every user who intends to use Sendoso with Salesforce will have to go through the same process.


Once you’ve synced your Salesforce account you are good to go!

Navigate to any Contact or Lead in Salesforce and you will see the Sendoso widget. This will allow you to send directly from your CRM and automatically pull in emails or addresses into the send to save you a bunch of time.


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