How can I send an eGift on Sendoso's Free Account?

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With Sendoso's Free Account, you can make eGift sends directly within your account. To get started, find the eGift you want to send from the Send page.


Select your preferred sending method. You can send the eGift through Sendoso, or get a shareable link that you can send in your email to your recipient. You can also send it via SMS.

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Input the recipient's email, select the denomination for the gift, and type your message. Hit Send and confirm the payment.


Now that the send has gone through, you can navigate to Send Tracker to view its status. You (the sender) will receive email updates when the status changes. The dollar value for eGifts that are unused in 21 days gets refunded back to your account.


We also have a few other sending methods that we support:

Learn more about the Send Tracker statuses here.

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