Getting Started with Sendoso's Free Account

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You’ve signed up for Sendoso and now you’re looking to get started with your first send. Read below to understand the basics of what’s available and where to find certain capabilities and functionality.

Here's a video overview of your new Sendoso account.

The Global Nav - where you can find access to available capabilities and other upgrade-only features.


The Send Page is where you’ll find your gift options by type and use cases.


Account Balance is for all things billing-related, where you can update your credit card and download historical receipts.


Send Tracker helps you track the engagement of your sends and get visibility into your Team’s Sendoso usage


The Integrations section is where you can sync with HubSpot or Salesforce and find all of our other available integrations.


Settings is where you will manage your account and customize user preferences. You can also manage your notifications and enable Testing Mode. 


Sendoso University is available to you or your team to learn more about how to best leverage and find success with Sendoso Starter.


The Chrome extension is available to make sending quick and easy. You can install it by visiting this link, or by clicking on the install button on the banner of the Send page.

The Chrome extension is also how you’ll be able to use Sendoso via Salesforce or HubSpot. 


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