Shipping inventory from one Sending Fulfillment Center to another

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First, you'll want to make sure there are products set up for each Sending Fulfillment Center. You can create new products by following these steps. We recommend using the Sending Fulfillment Center location in the title so you can easily differentiate between the two items. (i.e. - Custom Notecard (PHX). 

Next, you will create a ship notice using the new items that are assigned to the destination Sending Fulfillment Center. After the ship notice is created, you will set up a BYO Box Campaign and add the product that is assigned to the current Sending Fulfillment Center.

Once the Campaign is active, you'll submit an order, enter the ship notice number in the "Recipient Name" field and enter the destination Sending Fulfillment Center address as the recipient address. You can reference the ship notice you just created as it will include the destination Sending Fulfillment Center address. 

Once the order is submitted, please allow time for processing. Once it's shipped and delivered to the destination Sending Fulfillment Center it can take 4-6 business days for the items to be inventoried. 

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