Configuring Eloqua Send Status Writeback

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Sendoso is able to write back the status of gifts sent via Eloqua to the recipient's contact using External Activity.

To enable this feature, you must first set up an External Activity for Sendoso to use and then map it within your Eloqua integration setup in the Sendoso portal.



Setup and Map External Activity Object

  1. From the Settings Tab in Eloqua, choose External Activities under Database Setupmceclip0.png
  2. Click the + icon to create a new external Asset type and give the asset a name
  3. Click the + icon to create a new external activity for that Asset, give it a name and click Savemceclip1.pngRepeat this for all statuses you want to write back
  4. Once you have configured the external activity, go to the Sendoso portal integrations page
  5. Select the Eloqua integration
  6. A modal will pop up that enables you to configure which External Asset and External Activity Types to use for writing back send statusmceclip0.png
  7. Select the appropriate asset type and activity type and click save
  8. Sendoso will now write back the status of each send to the activity section of each contact. This information can be used in the Activity view for the contact and to create segmentation lists and filters for Eloqua campaigns.

Enabling Campaign ROI Tracking in Eloqua

  • When setting up a campaign, select which Eloqua campaign you would like to associate the campaign with. Now, on each send Sendoso will push back the cumulative spend associated with that campaign (across campaign).
  • Campaign spend can be viewed within the Eloqua campaign under Options > Campaign Fields > Financialsmceclip0.png

Creating a Segmentation List for Sendoso Send Status

  • Create a new Segment
    1. mceclip2.png
  • Add Filter Criteriamceclip3.png
  • Pull over the Sendoso External Activity Typemceclip4.png
  • Select the "item" to add, which will be a type of status (Sent, Delivered, Cancelled, etc.)
  • You can now use these segments to filter steps in your Eloqua workflows

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