What is the Custom Brand Shop?

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The Custom Brand Shop allows you to order branded swag and merchandise seamlessly through our platform. 

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To get started

  • Click on the Sourcing tab at the top of the Sendoso app
  • Select the new Custom Brand Shop option:
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  • A pop-up window will appear prior to being routed to the Custom Brand Shop page:


  • Accept the Terms and Conditions to continue to the Swag store. (NOTE: It is highly recommended that you request and approve a sample of physical items before you purchase)
  • Once in the Custom Brand Shop store, you can search for items to order: mceclip3.png
  • Within a product's page, you can customize your order, upload your branding, and request a sample:mceclip0.png
  • Once your items are added to your cart, you can continue shopping or checkout. (NOTE: Your cart will be persistent through sessions in the Custom Brand Shop if you need to leave and come back)mceclip1.png
  • On checkout, you will be asked which Sendoso funding source you want to use to pay for the order. The order will ship to Sendoso's Phoenix warehouse
  • Once your order is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. You will also receive updates on your order as it processes, ships, and is received in the Sendoso warehouse. Also, all products and ship notices should now be created within the Sendoso inventory section, no need to do this manually!

Post Order

  1. Once your order is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with your order number and estimated in-hand date.
  2. If your order requires design approval, our support team will reach out to you with a production mockup for you to review.
  3. Once reviewed, your order will be sent out for production.
  4. Once production is finished, you will receive an email confirmation that your order has shipped to the Sendoso warehouse.
  5. You will receive an automated email when the Sendoso warehouse has finished receiving your items and they are available to send.


1. What is the benefit of ordering through Sendoso instead of through a third party directly?

Ordering through Sendoso provides you with a seamless swag ordering experience. You can customize your order at your leisure and pay for the products with your Sendoso balance. Additionally, when products are ordered through Sendoso, we handle the creation of inventory, generating the ship notice, and receiving of the inventory without you needing to do anything! 

2. What limitations should I be aware of?

Sendoso can only accept certain items at our warehouse. For more information, please see this article.

3. What is the timeline/lifecycle when using Swag Sourcing in-app?

Items typically have a 20 calendar day production time and then shipping and receiving time. Shipping depends on the order and warehouse delivery location and estimated delivery date is provided with each order.

4. I need my items rush ordered. How do I do this?

We offer an expedited production schedule for an additional fee.

5. Should I order a sample of what I ordered?

YES! Sendoso highly recommends ordering a sample of the items you want to purchase first to confirm the item meets your expectations. If you do not order a sample, Sendoso is not responsible for the item not meeting your expectations.

6. I'm ordering a stylized item (i.e. T-shirt, shoes, etc). How do I know I have enough of each size?

if you are unsure of your audience size breakdown, a good general estimate is:

Small: 15%
Medium: 30%
Large: 30%
X-Large: 15%
2X-Large: 10%

7. How do I pay for the items I'm ordering? Can I enter a specific credit card at check out?

Sendoso requires you to pay for your swag order from a specific funding source. If you wish to use a specific credit card, please make a new funding source and stock it with that credit card.

8. I don’t like how my sample turned out. What now?

If you are not satisfied with your sample, please reach out to custombrandshop@sendoso.com to discuss what we can do to make your branded product awesome!

9. How do I reorder my items? Can I set this up to be automatically reordered?

Items can be re-ordered from the Inventory page in the Sendoso app > Create New Products > Order Branded Merchandise. Once you're in the Swag Store, you'll click on "Welcome [Your Name]" and a dropdown menu will appear. Click on "My Orders" and click on "Re-Order" next to a previously submitted order/item.

Automatic re-ordering is not offered at this time.

10. What file types work best for design uploads?

.EPS files work best, but we also support other image file formats such as .JPEG, .PNG, etc.

12. How will the warehouse know if the items they receive are correct?

The warehouse tracks every item based on the image shared by the vendor and the SKU. If something looks wrong, they will reach out.

13. Can the warehouse take pictures of my new items and upload them?

No. You can, however, order a sample item for yourself or send yourself one of the items created from Custom Brand Shop in your new inventory.

14. I’m not super confident in what I’m ordering. Can someone at Sendoso help me make sure I’m making strategic choices?  

Our chat team within our Brand Shop is dedicated to helping you make good choices with your swag order. If chat is not your style, please discuss your options with your CS resource.

To chat with our team, click the widget on the bottom-right corner of the Brand Shop and send a message. They will get back to you as soon as possible.

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