How Do I Create a Recipient-Choice Gifting Program in HubSpot?

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Using a HubSpot workflow and the optional Sendoso integration, you can give your recipients the option to choose which item they’d like to receive!

This is an easy setup and a great experience for your prospects and customers.

Note: HubSpot has to be integrated with Sendoso first. Check out our How Do I Connect HubSpot to Sendoso? help center article for assistance.

Determining the Gifts You Want to Send

The first step in this process is to determine the gifts you'd like to offer to your customers/prospects. By leveraging a form on a HubSpot landing page, you can offer any combination of gifts that you'd like (eGift, Direct Marketplace, BYO Box.) 

Creating HubSpot Campaigns

Now that you know what you are going to offer, we need to create those options as Campaigns in Sendoso. Check out our Hubspot / Sendoso Integration and Campaign Setup article to assist with campaign creation!

Note: We recommend using the "workflow extension" method, but please feel free to use the "webhook" method if you would like.

Creating the HubSpot Form

Now that you have your campaigns set up, you can create a form to allow the recipient to choose which gift they would like.

If you are sending any physical items, Sendoso recommends you collect the shipping address directly on your form (see FAQs below for more on collecting addresses in HubSpot.) 

To allow recipients to choose their gift, create a new HubSpot property that is a dropdown field:


Next, make sure the new property is on the Contact object and give the property a name that is easy to identify (ie. Sendoso Gift Selection.)

Now, create each option you decided to offer as one of the dropdown selections:


Once you have those entered, click next and create the new property. Now your HubSpot form is ready to go! We suggest making all fields on the form "required" to ensure everything gets filled out.

While you can elect to send out the form standalone, most customers opt to embed the form in a landing page they designed in HubSpot.

Building the HubSpot Workflow

Now that everything has been created, you'll build a workflow to automate a gift being sent from Sendoso depending on which option they selected on your form.

Your contact enrollment trigger will be the form you created being submitted. If you are using a landing page, be sure to specify that form on the landing page.

Sendoso strongly recommends adding additional enrollment criteria to constrain your enrollment. Using static/active lists or constraining based on email addresses are two easy ways to help prevent fraudulent activity.

Want to add additional filters in Sendoso? See our article on Triggered Sending Approval.


Next, you'll add an "If/Then Branch" to the workflow. This step will analyze the newly created HubSpot property and push recipients to the appropriate branch based on what they selected:


Last, you'll add the Sendoso step under each branch (as seen above.) This is where you'll need the unique campaign ID from the Campaigns you created earlier. Make sure you assign the correct campaign ID to each branch so the correct gift is sent.

If you need assistance in creating this step, see our How Do I Add Sendoso to a HubSpot Workflow? article.

That's it! You're now ready to go live with your form/landing page to allow recipients to choose their gift!


Q: Can we use the Sendoso Address Confirmation feature instead of us collecting addresses?

A: Yes! If you don't want to / aren't able to collect addresses in HubSpot you can leverage the Sendoso Address Confirmation feature.

Q: What if we have recipients across multiple countries?

A: You'll have to define an additional set of gifts that can ship to the countries you are potentially sending to. Then, you can add an additional If/Then branch that analyzes the contact's country.

Q: Are we able to delete the collected address?

A: Yes. Once the gift has been delivered, you can delete this data in HubSpot by creating another workflow that clears out the data based on the status of your gift send. This creates trust with the recipient and ensures future sends don’t get sent to the wrong address.

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