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Sendoso offers experiences for our customers to be able to plan and take part in fun and engaging events. These curated experiences are great ways to connect with your prospects and clients and even your own team members and employees. To book an experience, follow this link and fill out the requested information.

What experiences are available?

Below are some examples of experience options offered to customers by Sendoso's strategic partners, In Good Taste, purple cork, Tinggly, Gin Etc., and Marco.

  • Virtual Wine Tasting, 8 Pack - In Good Taste
  • Virtual Boutique Wine Tasting - purple cork
  • Virtual Boutique Wine Tasting with Sonoma Snack Pairings - purple cork
  • Skipstone Sample Kit & Tasting - purple cork
  • Napa Cult Cab Tasting with Local Snack Pairings - purple cork
  • Luxury Champagne and Caviar Tasting - purple cork
  • Haus Mixology Expedition - Marco
  • Cooking with Kait - Marco
  • Virtually Impossible: A Quarantined Magic Show - Marco
  • Magic “Monday”: Enhance Your Productivity - Marco
  • Oyster Shucking - Marco
  • Coffee Tasting - Marco
  • Floral Workshop - Marco
  • Kombucha Tasting + Factory Tour - Marco
  • Priority Experiences Italian Summer Time Sippin-Salute! - Priority Experiences
  • Taste the World Experience Voucher - Tinggly
  • The Love Potion Make Your Own Gin Kit - Gin Etc.

What do I need to know prior to booking an experience?

Experiences must be booked at least 21 days in advance of the desired event date. Dates are not set in stone until you’ve received confirmation from the partner of your event date and time. All addresses must be received by Sendoso no later than 15 days prior to the event. Please keep this in mind when using the Address Confirmation feature and allotting adequate time for recipients to confirm their addresses.

While Sendoso has standardized some of these practices, each partner may have their own individual requests, terms, and conditions. Please be sure to read through that partner’s 1-pager, which can be found in the Sendoso Direct Catalog under each experience listing.

How do I book an experience?

Locate your desired experience in the Sendoso Direct Catalog. Make sure to read through the description for the experience, including the attached 1-pager to understand the partners’ specific terms & conditions prior to booking. When ready, follow this link and fill out the requested information.

Once you’ve received an email confirmation from the partner confirming your event date and time, configure your campaign in Sendoso.

My event date is set, what now?

Set up your campaign in Sendoso if you haven’t already done so and upload your attendee list to your campaign. Sendoso must receive attendee addresses no later than 15 days prior to your event date. If using the Address Confirmation feature, keep in mind the window allotted to attendees to confirm their addresses should still allow for Sendoso to receive those addresses 15 days before the event date. 

Add your attendees to the event calendar invite provided by the partner. 

How much does an experience cost?

Experiences range from $40 per person to $495 per person. Prices for individual experiences can be found in the Sendoso Direct Catalog.

Are experiences hosted?

Yes, each experience is hosted by the partner, with some having more turnkey capabilities to customize the event or experience to meet your goals.

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