What is the Activity Feed?

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What's Activity Feed?

The Activity Feed is a full list of all account balance activities within your account for all Funding Sources.


What are these columns?

Date - Date and time when your company's account is charged or credited.

Activity Owner - User who took actions that triggered the account balance activities. When it's system-created, Sendoso defaults it to the team owner or the funding source owner.

Transaction Amount - Amount was charged or credited to your company's account. 

Notes - Additional context for each account balance activity. When it's a sourcing order or special project, you will find more details here.

Payer - Where the funds were removed 

Receiver - Where the funds went

Type - Type of events that triggered each account balance activity

How to interpret each payer and receiver combination?

Payer Type Receiver Type Account Balance Activity Type
Touch/campaign Funding Source / User Credit For A Send
Funding Source / User Touch/campaign Charge For A Send
Funding Source User Balance Transfer
User Funding Source Balance Transfer
n/a Funding Source

Funds Added

- Funds added by users

- Service credits issued by Sendoso

Funding Source n/a
Funds Removed
- Invoice Cancellation or Charge for sourcing/projects

Depending on how many transactions you have for all of your Funding Sources, you may want to download a CSV of the Activity Feed. This way, you'll be able to sort, filter, and process the data in the way that best suits your business needs. 


Looking for the Transaction Log for a specific Funding Source? Check out this article: How do I see the transaction history for a Funding Source?

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