Building a Multiple Choice Gifting Program in Marketo Engage

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Want to give your recipients the power to choose their own physical gift? Sendoso provides you with so many different options to send your target accounts, it can be difficult to narrow it down to just one option, but what if you didn’t have to?

By using a simple program in Marketo Engage and the Sendoso webhook, you can give your recipients the option to choose which item they’d like to receive! This is an easy set-up for you and a great experience for your contact.

To proceed, you must complete the Sendoso integration with Marketo Engage first via the steps here.

Step 1: Build the gifts in Sendoso

Get started by creating your gifts in Sendoso via the 'Create Campaign' button. Set these campaigns to trigger via Marketo Engage and copy the Campaign ID (you’ll need this for the program in Marketo Engage) for each campaign. Note which Campaign ID applies to which gift. Create as many as you’d like (at least 2-4 is recommended).


Step 2: Create a ‘Gift Selection’ field in Marketo Engage

Your recipient is going to choose their gift via a form submission, so you’ll need to create a standard string field so the webhook can identify which campaign has been chosen. This will be a person field. We recommend using 'Gift Selection' as the field name.


Step 3: Build your form

Once you’ve built out your gift selection field, insert it into your form. Since you’re going to be sending the recipient a physical gift, you should also include fields for their address information, either mapped to their standard address fields or custom fields. Add the gift options to the field when you include the field in your form and make it a required field.

You can set up a personal address confirmation strategy via the steps here.




Step 4: Build out your Program

Build out your program to be triggered based on the form submission. Then build out your smart list to include a ‘Change Data Value’ step for the Gift Selection field and use the ‘Add Choice’ button for each gift choice. You’ll use ‘Sendoso Campaign ID’ as the attribute and you’ll include the Campaign ID for each choice. This will tell the webhook what to send when it’s called in your smart campaign. 

The ‘Sendoso Campaign ID’ field will work for this trigger - no need to create a new one. Your Campaign ID will be placed in the ‘New Value’ field.



Things to Consider with This Type of Program

Make your intention very clear with address information: Messaging is very important to the recipient with this type of program. Some recipients may feel uncomfortable providing their personal address information. To ensure the most success and response for this program, make it clear to the recipient that you will not store their personal data after their gift has shipped/delivered.

Delete this data: Once the gift has been delivered, delete this data in Marketo Engage (and don’t have it pass over to Salesforce or any other integration). This creates trust with the recipient and ensures future sends don’t get sent to the wrong address.

Keep it going: You can replicate this strategy for a number of send types - eGift, physical, multiple choice, etc. - just by using the webhook trigger.

Use Sendoso Choice: This strategy doesn’t replace the Sendoso Choice option for eGifts. To learn more about that feature and using it with Marketo Engage, click here.

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